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Image Over Substance - Mgtow

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Published on 06 Mar 2021 / In People & Blogs

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Bobtheman1991 1 month ago

I also like substance over image any day...I think that there's too many empty suits around these days...

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wanderer9641 1 month ago

Image is fleeting. Substance is what makes your character. Staying with substance.

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mikemichiganmgtow 1 month ago

Hey Brother, i been following your content from youtube for a few years. been a bachelor most of my life before mgtow came to being. the easiest way to get rid of a women is keep saying no. i get kick of the ending of the ur videos. "GIVE THEM NOTHING" quality over quantity. excellent truthful content. peace and happiness in wisdom.
I salute u sir. continue being stoic.from a senior spiritual warrior.
Army Veteran.

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AlphaAdmin 1 month ago

Here's my read on KS. I enjoy how easily he shows these today females as the jokes they are. It is a pleasure to watch this non MGTOW make a fool out of obvious fools. But the building of oneself and building of one's wealth is essential to survival. That's it when it comes to wanting to watch KS. To consider marriage with any of these parasite and have him not bring up all the perils a man will go thru, even though he only works with high valued men, he does speak on the average amount of money a non high value makes and what most women should be looking for. Again no perils of the parasitic mentality of the female are mentioned. So, being older then KS, but being trained in survivalist menatlity, he amuses me greatly as a tool against the scraggle daggle.

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sauger1001 1 month ago

I like KS putting these heauxs in their place as well, but he totally missed it on the marriage front. And he's been married/divorced twice. I watched my father, uncle, and 4 siblings marry and divorce. Twice for my father and 2 siblings. My uncle got the "hat trick". I also say, no thanks.

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sauger1001 1 month ago

And twice married/divorced, as well. I guess he has (at least) two more marriages (funerals with cake, as you've said numerous times) to go, before (as did Leykis) he finally "gets it", which may never happen. Nicolas Cage (as SoloManZone pointed out) is on his FIFTH marriage, and he's also in his fifties. I guess sometimes you just can't fix stupid.

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BIGLOAD 1 month ago

Substance over surface traits. . . and good luck finding it in this tar pit.

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