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Im free. I will succeed. I am not going to be controlled. And I'm done undermining my values.


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Published on 12 Aug 2022 / In Other

The channel Update is Positive content and viewers/subs that are courteous. Don't talk out each side of their mouth, stand for immorality, or associate with others who do. I should have remembered the 2nd law better. Even a long traveled Craftsman errors on his work from job to job. Same can be applied with my character and decisions. No more. Never again. I don't care about certain voices/opinions anymore. I was weak for doing so, an trying to keep peace that never was going to occur. The phone call at 3am threat became manifest. Just not exactly as imagined at first but same result. Even if I don't succeed at this (an I may just not) could be not for me as some have said. Could be I'm spiritually wanted elsewhere. But I know this. I'm not gonna let artificial absurdity make me react, act, respond, or subject myself from the Sh*** one more min.

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