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If You Love Women You Don't Understand Them - MGTOW

Published on 22 Sep 2022 / In People & Blogs

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Hi Everyone Sandman Here,

This video is brought to you by a donation fomr Papi Gato and DR. A A Hill the authors of the book called piece of pussy or peace of mind. That's the title. I'm sure the Amazon algorithm loves that titilating title. I wouldn't be surprised if this video was age restricted simply because I said that. It's a MGTOW book and says it on the first page and that ultimately making the best decision for yourself means "going your own way". The book poses the question: What is more important to you in your life a piece of pussy or peace of mind? That most men are in denial that bad things will happen to them in relationships and just bury their heads in a sand filled vagine. The book has the structure that I'm following for mine which is short four or five page chapters that are to the point. It's a reference guide to mgtow and female nature. The book link is in the description if you want to get a copy on kindle for 8.99. It starts off by saying a wise man said you can either love women or understand them. It discusses the observable reality of female nature. Not academic or official psychology but just things most guys will face when they come face to face with proud owner of a fish flavored taco. They say women are not logical and if you're ready to play the love me long time game you're a dumb ass. Dr. Hill and Papi share a bunch of scenarios outlining how when it comes to women men are feeling instead of thinking and that women are trained to think when it comes to love and not feel. They say love costs you time, money, peace-of-mind and freedom. You choose this by not going your own way. But most guys don't choose it. The choice is made by their subconscious because the cooch provides meaning and purpose in a man's life. The next section is called The Code of Honor and they say that every man lives by his own code of honor but that women don't have that as their guiding principle. That they will do what's in their best interests. I agree and always say if you want to know a woman's motives then always assume she's going to put herself in the most advantageous position in any and all social circumstances. Then work your way back from there. Without a code of honor a woman is going to instinctively screw you over. She will project on him that he's selfish but meanwhile it's the other way around. That's when Hill and Papi mention men's rights issues like unfair treatment in the divorce courts and monkey-branching which is also known as hopromy which is a term I wasn't familiar with. They share a bunch of advantages women have over men and reason that women don't want equality but that they want dominance and total authority over men. They mention that if you bring this up in polite soyciety you'll get cancelled. The next section is called female ferry. They say that women in the industrialized world for the most part messing with men's lives has become the accepted way of life. That even when women in the west admit that they have the advantage and know it's wrong they won't give up their advantages. This is very true because I've seen even the most staunch female men's rights activists only want to roll things back to the benefits women gained from 2nd wave feminism. They say that women understand their advantage and I agree because whenever I call one out on it she becomes like a five year old that got caught taking the cookie out of the cookie jar. I'll discuss more in a moment but let me first tell everyone about today's sponsor The MGTOW Book Collection Part 2:

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KCxSunbeam 8 months ago

Hi Sandman, can you explain why on this enlightened channel we have bullshit ads? For example, while your video plays there's this Stripchat Naughty Girls ad featuring Belle Delphine making faces, the one who was selling her bathwater. Is there a way to have this simp garbage removed?

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DutchCobbler 8 months ago

What if I love women, and even female nature, but I despise the system that has taken away checks and balances as well as male authority, and empowered women to destroy everything? Women have/will always been women.

Taking women's rights away is not the way because it just won't happen. Taking away welfare programs, no fault divorce, quotas, and elective abortion would be a more realistic step in the right direction.

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csehszlovakze 8 months ago

you'll find this theory interesting https://www.reddit.com/r/Dayst....romInstitute/comment

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WMHarrison94 8 months ago

Good video Sandman!

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