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If You Can't Beat Women Then Join Them - MGTOW

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Published on 03 Jan 2021 / In People & Blogs

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Hi Everyone Sandman Here,

This video is brought to you by a donation from James. He didn't send me a specific topic so I want to cover something I ran into on the MGTOW Reddit that I think many of you need to be aware of when it comes to falling for the social justice and sexual debauchery agenda. Someone posted the anonymous words of a gay feminized guy and here's what he or maybe she has to say and I quote: "I'm naturally quite quite feminine and confused for a girl often. I live in an extremely cucked country where women have advantages in almost everything. So I decided to experiment with cross-dressing and makeup in public for fun. Actually I prefer being treated like a girl, people are much nicer and I get a lot more attention from guys. I've decided to transition purely for the advantages and have lied to a psychiatrist and doctor to get free hormone replacement therapy. I've also lied to my family and friends about having gender dysphoria because I wanted to sound like I had a valid reason for doing it and wasn't sure how they would react if I was honest? Nearly 2 years later I pass to everyone, changed my name and documents. When I met my boyfriend I lied to him about having gender dysphoria. I sometimes cry about it just so he'll cuddle me and do nice things for me. He sometimes gets emotional about how unfair it is that I was "born with dysphoria" Should I tell people the truth about why I transitioned or just keep the lie up forever? I do feel bad about it sometimes, especially when he says how sorry he feels for me." unquote. When I read that I thought to myself could it be possible that one of the reasons that so many trans people commit suicide is because they lied to themselves and everyone else and said they had dysphoria and they didn't and now how to live with that secret eat out their non existent cooch? But before I discuss more let me first tell everyone about today's sponsor Ancient Purity: Anyways now back to the clown world show. Honk Honk. Of course I've said many times before that a future trend will be Incels becoming women as women no longer want them. I was waiting for someone in the trans community to admit that they were simply transitioning to female because of the advantages they would receive. Many of the men that transition are gay and for many of them it's a way of hacking into a straight man's pants. If you don't believe me then go find a video I saw a while back on MGTOW.tv posting that he was into trans women and he was trying to stop himself from desiring them. My thinking is that there are two main reasons beyond so called gender dysphoria that men would choose to be women in our society. Incels that can't get their hands on a woman will become women so that they can sleep with women. There have been numerous articles about lesbian women being shamed into sleeping with trans women. After all it's only fair after we keep seeing similar stories about straight men being shamed for not sleeping with trans women. I love it when the argument backfires in feminists faces. Ironically it's lesbian women that are more likely to be effectively shamed because shaming language works better on women because they don't want to risk being thrown out of their social circles. When they won't sleep with a trans woman or date one it's creating a rift between third wave feminists and the fourth wave variety. Besides incels masquerading in drag and having boobs hacked on so they can get action from lesbian women by they themselves becoming women. The other group as you can tell from the statement I read out in this video is gay men that are doing it to attract more masculine men. In the gay community because sex is easier to get than covid in a nursing home monogamy is four letter word. But if a young gay male transitions he is far more likely to get monogamy from a tranny admirer. It's a way to hack the dating market they are in.

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Davidac130 6 months ago

Keep this faggot freak shit off MGTOW.TV are you kidding me

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you can't legally change your gender in Hungary since last spring. you can live a tranny life if you want to but your official papers will always have your birth sex on them.

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lyhyemmat 6 months ago

Transgenderism is The unavoidable end result of The progressivist religion that is based on equality.
After all, men and women are The final frontier of progressivism

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ExperimentalGroup 6 months ago

If you can’t beat women ( not physically or otherwise), then design a more attractive, agreeable and faithful robot version and watch them slowly starve.

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MaximilianoCarlos 6 months ago

If you can't beat woman, you are not a man.

   4    0
ancientsea 6 months ago

I thought Ellen was good in that film, "Juno".

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PlazmoidialSoup 6 months ago

Are any of the pictures in the video of trans?
I hope all...

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PlazmoidialSoup 6 months ago

Sandra Manning lol

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Abyss 6 months ago

If you can't beat women then pretend they don't exist.

   5    0
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