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If you are a man, the state, the government, and society do not care about you. - Episode 25


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Published on 18 Jan 2022 / In Other

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gchase 4 months ago

I hope Trump buys up and equipment & facilities of the defunked CNN...and turns it into tge 'Patriot News Center'.
Men? Our value is money & what we produce. Nothing else.
We are expendable and disposable.
Sickening truth.

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lyhyemmat 4 months ago

It's mutual

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mrghoster 4 months ago

Now I'm very settled as a MGTOW Monk, my life goal is to reject the system and NOT buy corporate crap and be anti everything that has harmed or tries to harm me? Women are part of that or were? To me the only pleasure I get from women is to Ridicul and laugh at them for their pathetic stupidity. They are now gone, so I;'#m moving on to destroying the other systematic enemies?

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TelepathicRapist 4 months ago

yeah we need to work to be a negative value man. That's what I consider myself, a negative value man, literally less than zero. Why do I want to be a positive asset to this sick society and system? I want to be a leech that just drains this society until it collapses and justice is restored.

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mrghoster 4 months ago

NEVER live with a women. It's that easy. Romance and love are a fucking MYTH. The truth is it all "CUM's" down to SEX! lol! If you cant keep your dick in your pants then a women will "SCREW" you!

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SOLID_MGTOW_MONK 4 months ago

I wouldn't even as much as date for all the money in the world much less get married. That thought is long gone on a one way trip.

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