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If this is all it takes for women to break it off with a date, dating really is broken

Published on 17 Mar 2023 / In People & Blogs

Why would men take out any woman with this stupid kind of requirement?

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Mustang 10 days ago

Just ate at Golden Corral. They changed us $2.69 for Soda's!!! If I would have known that I would have drank water.

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DutchCobbler 10 days ago

She's looking down the road and seeing that he's got boundaries and might say no to some material thing she wants. She did the guy a favor. And no, she isn't much to look at, her accent is kind of annoying, and if she's that nitpicky about his wallet why wouldn't he then be just as nitpicky about her looks or sexual history?

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CatFoodMillionaire 10 days ago

3dollarcheesewhore was upset, because she only sees Men as wallets and him saying no to a female means he will say no to her when she wants her high-maintenance life paid for.

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Mr_Sluggo 11 days ago

I've seen this video and its hilarious how both men and women are straight ROASTING this bitch.

For me, i see this as a big win for the dude. He got a free burger and avoided getting into a relationship with this crazy hoe.
That folks is what we call a WIN WIN situation and those moments come around like Haley's Comet on ones lifetime.

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See you can make a DECENT - a really decent hamburger with the lot for $2 - $3 each - but you have to buy enough ingredients to make 12 of them - and that is a LOT of really great burgers for say $20 - $30

Or you can buy the SHIT from McDonalds for $14 x 12, or from a really good hamburger shop that SELLS real FOOD for like $16 each....

That's $168 for 12 hits of zero nutrition, or $192 for 12 really great hamburgers with the lot.....

Or perhaps $30 for 12 brilliant cook your own burgers....

So if the chick only thinks of shovelling your cash into everyone else's pockets - she can just fuck right off.......

I get pissy about the price of things too....

I'd be getting pissy about the prices of some foods, especially if it's LOW nutrition gut fill, and it's in small portions.

I like a GOOD meat pie on occassion (Australian take away) - but you pay a lot, get fuck all, and they are not very nutritional and it's OK for an emergency gut fuller - but not much else. However if you buy them frozen at the super market by the big multi pack , the price is perhaps 1/4 to 1/2 the price of the store bought hot pies, but they are still expensive and not very good value - even less so compared to fresh vegetables and fresh meat and diy hamburgers with the lot.

Yeah so that chick can get fucked.... I am not paying $3 for a slice of fucking cheese when I can get a kilo of decent discount brand cheddar for $9.....

I mean you have to think of the prices of exotic cheeses - they can be expensive, and your paying for the time and effort to add it to the burger, and the cost of the burger goes to pay wages and the facility and the overheads - so it's not exactly a rip off...

But when it comes to INTELLIGENTLY extracting high mileage from the $ for food, I'd rather spend a bit of time on the high nutritional value and the low prices, than the other way around.

This looks better.

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