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If Men Stop Paying Taxes Women Are Finished - MGTOW

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Published on 05 May 2021 / In People & Blogs

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Hi Everyone Sandman Here,

This video is brought to you by a donation from Robert and here's what he has to say: "Hey Sandman, I thought this would be an interesting topic if you decide to cover it. How can red pill/MGTOW guys vote with their dollars? Both in the commercial and political spaces. Not buying from companies like Gillette that ridicule men. Legally limiting personal taxes to not support a government which demonizes men at every turn yet seeks their resources to absolve women of their past bad decisions like paying off their student loans for useless degrees. Also thinking about geoarbitrage. Taking my savings and spending to a country not so toxic towards males. Cheers." Well Robert thanks for the donation and topic. I have a bit of a confession to make. I have to admit to everyone that I broke down and bought Gillette again even after all the insanity. Nothing shaves your back and butt like a Gillette. Just kidding. When I usually buy a box of Razors at Costco the package is massive with twenty plus razors for forty-five bucks. I'm running low on the Gillette razors and I'd have to buy Shick or dollar shave club at some point soon. I don't exactly know what I'm buying and
something tells me I'd probably have to pay more for a worse shave. Plus Gillette seems to have learned their lessons and they toned down the man hating rhetoric. Enough other guys boycotted them to change their behavior so I'm thinking of going back. But Gillette ads were so bad for men that sometimes I wish they would make toxic maxi pad commercials telling women to get back into the kitchen and stop their bitching during their special time of the month. When you bleed red it should remind you that it's time to make some special spaghetti sauce for your man. Before I discuss more things that will help you lose your appetite let me first tell everyone about today's sponsor Surviving 4th Wave Feminism: Anyways, now back to the show. To quickly go back to razors I found that if I have lower stress makes my beard softer meaning I need less razors. Also run your razor under hot water. That gives you a better shave and means your razor will last longer. Also, put hot water on your face first because that helps open up your pores or something like that. Now all that being said I have adopted some tax limiting strategies in my life that go beyond spending fifteen to twenty dollars a year on some social justice shavers. In Canada we have something called a tax free savings account that you are allowed to put seventy-five thousand dollars in with after tax money. But anything that you make in there is completely 100% tax free and you can take it out at any time. It's similar to a Roth IRA in the United States but with those you're only allowed to take the money penalty free once you turn sixty. Plus with the tax free savings account you can take the money out and put it back the following year. The same amount you took out you're allowed to put back in. The contribution room grows to include what you took out. So far I've implemented a strategy with the TFSA and Bitcoin. So for example if someone had maxxed out their TFSA with 75 thousand Canadian dollars in early 2020 with a bitcoin fund they could have 300 thousand in there right now. If Bitcoin goes up four more times in value from here in 2021 then you're looking at 1.2 million in there tax free. Say in the next run in 2025 that initial investment goes to ten million dollars then that's ten million tax free. You invest that at six percent and now you have fifty thousand bucks a month in income tax free. This is not financial advice but what's better than making ten or twenty times your money on Bitcoin and becoming a millionaire? I'll tell you what.

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MGTOW MONGER 1 month ago

The Original MGTOW Manifesto had 3 Pillars - Three main points.

1: Do not Marry
2: Do not Live with a Woman*
3: Pay as little in taxes as LEGALLY POSSIBLE

* If the woman or women you live with are FAMILY and they are TRUSTWORTHY 100% and have your back in a firefight, then it's OK. Beware of the Vention Factor - Do NOT help Female Family members who are even slightly hostile to you!

Most Red Pill / MGTOW content creators do not discuss the 3rd Pillar / Point. They seriously need to start doing so.

Never buy Gillette products, ever again. Nevermore. Let that company die. All such companies need to be boycotted.

Also a way to avoid paying taxes abroad is to simply buy pirated entertainment. Live like the locals.

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JulieFoster 4 days ago

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Lucien Grondin
Lucien Grondin 2 months ago

Most Western countries have not had a balanced budget for decades though, so they don't really rely on taxes anymore.

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Freeballstits 2 months ago

boooo gillette

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The profile woman. She is NICE looking, but characterwise, she looks like a souless vampire.... Basically she is a bit of a cunt actually.

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hqwebsite 2 months ago

Thanks! An elegant weapon for a more civilized age.

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Bitterman7148 2 months ago

Use a safety razor with dorco safety blades. better shave, and no Gillette ever!

   1    0

Sandman, if you ever feel like doing a long form video, please help us mitigate the Great Reset as best as possible.

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hqwebsite 2 months ago

Procter & Gamble will increase the price of their products by September. Other consumer brands are expected to follow the trend. https://www.reuters.com/busine....ss/retail-consumer/v

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zdoctor 2 months ago

gillette i dumped right away and never looked back......wound up buying shick hydro 5 and they last me almost double gillette razors. these are a few things i wont do for whaman......no holding doors open....no buying drinks or dinners.....no compliments,....dont pay attention at all.......if i see a whaman stuck with a flat i just keep on driving because SHES EQUAL to me and can change it herself,......dont even ask them a question ....if you want o go out to dinner take out your best MALE friend......if you need a vacation go to a place where you want and when you want.....and one more thing.....NEVER TRUST THEM WITH ANYTHING.....EVER. ...if you follow some of those basic rules you might have a chance to retire with happiness and sanity.

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mrghoster 2 months ago

Don't need shaving stuff, i grew a beard! i'm very Anti Corporate and so where possible I find other outlet's to get stuff. Like water I've found a simple way of getting water and "Shaved"lol! a third of my quarterly water bill. By Crapper flush water comes from water but's in my garden and drinking and cooking water comes from the water stand at the Gas station. In the UK it is all standard mains drinking water. when I have a shower or bath I reuse the water in my washing machine to wash my laundry, after all it's still hot and I'm not particularly dirty? if push comes to shove I can go to the lake at the end of my garden and get my crapper flush from there?

Being Retired and on a very low income I have the time to do these things, and I like the challenge of beating the corporates,. I actually save money by being a MGTOW Monk as well. Last year I set a goal to save the equivalent money i would have spent on Dating if I were still blue pill? within less than a year I had enough and went out and paid cash for a brand new Motorcycle which I'm still enjoying very much now.

I have NO cards or credit, I have NO debt financial or obligated. I'm FREE as I can be because I've rejected all the norm's and gone my own way. Working on saving electricity right now. I bought a load of "Rechargeable" light bulbs. Fascinbating things. You put them in your light or lamp sockets and as you use then they charge up led's inside. when fully charged they will cut the mains supply with a small diod amnd run for up to 10 hours on the charged LED's. they are about 5Watt but give the led light of a 40/60 Watt bulb. you can also use them as a flash light as when you hold them in your hand with no wires or anything you can light them via the palm of your hand using your bodies static output.

Obviously the initial outlay was a bit higher than conventional bulb's but I seem to be cutting that quarterly electricity bill b=y some good amount and saving money? i'm now working on an idea to filter used motor Oil for reuse as seasonal oil for the lawn Mower the moped and such like. seems to be working no problems at all yet? Fuck I LOVE being MGTOW!

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Mgtow_economics 2 months ago

Can you provide a link to those rechargable LED lights you're taking about? Much appreciated, if you find the time. Thanks man.

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mrghoster 2 months ago

I don't pay tax because my income is very low, but I pay tax on everything I buy, so I economize and have made massive savings in a number of ingenius ways' "All legal" as well? the pay off for being MGTOW Monk I guess? no hoe to waste my money?

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TheManInside 2 months ago

Look for Gillette compatible blades. You can use the handle from Gillette. Those will last less than the Mach3, but also cost about half.
When I run out of my old stock of Gillette I'll probably try Wilkinson, or buy Gillette compatible blades.

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