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Idiot All☆Stars # 10 - Her College Education

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Billy Von Bomb
Billy Von Bomb
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Published on 01 Jul 2022 / In Comedy

Comedy for men. Pure parody and satire. All just for fun.

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I think she was trying to get her head around what I call "the sausage in the delicatessen meat slicer effect" - every time the sausage goes backwards and forwards, OFF comes another slice....

I mean give her credit for trying.... because it seems like there is no value in fiat currency - it's only worth is to slice it away, every step of the way, every time any sort of transaction is undertaken.

It's not like the $1 is a hard fixed value, it's composed of enormous amounts of slices, to be cut away, in every way, for every time it's used. Buy some food + TAX, buy a ticket / fuel and make a trip + TAX, earn income + TAX, etc., etc., etc.

I have just had an LED free trip - that the fiat currency system is a lot like trying to catch farts in a jar, from another continent.

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TelepathicRapist 1 month ago

man her brain was doing that thing when a person doing a bench press cant get it all the way back up and the spotter has to step in. Smoke was coming out of her ears.

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