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I Totally Don't Miss Sex!! | Ride and Roast Teaser

Terrence Popp
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Published on 11 Nov 2020 / In Comedy

⁣Some worthless Reddit thot wants to convince her fellow vibrator enthusiasts that she definitely doesn't miss physical contact with other humans. Please believe her. The fragility of her ego depends on it.
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The original post: https://archive.vn/DYYdW

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WaylanderTheSlayer 5 months ago

The biggest modern infection is ChlaMedia, the digital disease of ArseBook, Twatter, Gargle n Spit and InstaTHOT....

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wroger_wroger 5 months ago

I actually went into a store run all by women....... AND they were a freak show of hair colours - fully arm tattoos - facial piercings AND................ I just went, in cringistic mental mumbling... "oh fuck no" (many times smaller font).

I was really after a tea pot / alumium kettle... and they had SOME house hold shit but no kettles (gas stove type)....

It was a feminist freak show of women raised by single mothers.... with no fathers....

ALL the MGTOW Red Flags were fluttering gaily in the breeze....

Wall to wall to wall Damaged Goods.....

Then I went to the supermarket and after filling up my trolley, as I approached the check out the REALLY FUCKING FAT mental case drama queen fucked off from the check out, because she is a victim, and a guy took her place, AND after an interesting discussion, on MGTOW issues, (bought heaps of stuff) and leaving, the fat fucking retarded, totally unfuckable water buffalo drama queen, went back to her register.....

Meanwhile the retarded cunts in the Al-Anon meetings, well not sure of the year, but say 20 or 30 years ago, there was 750 Alanon meetings in Australia, but PRE-Covid, there was only about 370 of them left.....

And the entire Alanon structure - well it's like a Sunday School church group for the intellectually handicapped (dead shit) women, and the service structure is like seat warmers for life employment for lazy lying cunts, who just rust on and lay there like barnacles.....

The women in the online meetings are absolutely stupid, nasty argumentative cunts who are kicking everyone they can out of the online meetings, and stopping them getting back into the meetings.....

There is a shit load of borderline personality type women in the meetings, as well as fucking arsehole OLD feminists, AND most of the women ARE fucking old and there are NOT many new people coming in, to replace the old boilers who are dropping dead.

So ALL the totally UNFUCKABLE older crazies, are indoctrinating the mental cases... and they are just stomping on anyones arses, with their psycho fucking bullshit... Most of them have feminist hair cuts and they have heads like blocks of concrete.... Saying, "I bet most of you fucking losers have not had a good fuck in 30 years" - would be a nuclear launch code, instead of an opening to discussing why their lives are so fucked up and what they need to do about them selves...

And there are crazies in these Al-Anon meetings who try to fuck me, manipulate me, control me, and when their magic "I have a cunt" bullshit does not work, they completely lose their fucking minds.....

AND in the mean time, there are all these professional "Non Government Organisations" - filled with the stupidest of cunts, taking over what the now fucking useless self help groups used to do....

Fuck these women ARE stupid, nasty cunts.

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BillyWiz 5 months ago

BPD .... there is nothing BORDERLINE at all about most of these nutcases!!

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wroger_wroger 5 months ago

@BillyWiz: Glad to be a man..... https://www.mgtow.tv/watch/quo....t-millions-of-men-no

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Clavius 5 months ago

Why are you censoring the video on MgtowTV? so I have to view it again on subscribestar?

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Oni_Ninja00 5 months ago

drop your goo and run like a jew.... epic hilarious!!

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RoboCat 5 months ago

What she says without irony, I can say with conviction. I don't miss sex.

The overwhelming majority of women are terrible at it and the cost is supremely high whether you get it casually from randos or especially if you are in a committed relationship. I remember when I lived for sex and desperately counted the time between the last time I got laid and the next, it was pathetic and I feel a bit embarrassed about it now. Life is much better now..... it feels like I have so much time and energy that I was wasting before.

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wroger_wroger 5 months ago

Star Fish Sex and Laying there like a Dead Log....

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Councilof1 5 months ago

Once is a mistake, more than once is a pattern of behavior.

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Sir 5 months ago

A lot of Women are either Ignorant and/or Blatantly lying ( Lying being the Likelihood ) about what gives them a higher chance of having an Orgasm. Because when it comes to Women’s Orgasms, intercourse often falls short according to a lot of research. Matter of fact, Compared with Intercourse, Hand massage of the Vulva and cunnilingus are considerably more likely to Stimulate the Clitoris for a Woman to have a better chance of her reaching her Orgasm.

Even extended, vigorous Intercourse—provides only a little direct clitoral Stimulation, which is why " Half "of the Women approximately, " Don't " have Orgasms from just Normal Intercourse according to many Studies and Research.

Therefore, laughably, most Women actually more than not, are Wasting their time trying to Orgasm utilizing and an Assortment of Sized Dildos ( usually Abnormally Over-Sized ) unless those toys all have Attachments to stimulate the areas of her genitalia mentioned. Thus, Women's Failure to have an Orgasm is at least 50% or more their fault overall.

But again, as We all know, Women are generally Not good at accepting Accountability and Responsibility for themselves.

Consequently, Terrence Popp is correct that Women that consistently use such Oversized Dildo Sex toys ( Most Women do ) are likely weakening their Vaginal muscles and Desensitizing the Nerves in that area. Thus, making their Orgasms Less Achievable and Less Intense. Thus, the size of Man's phallus would Not matter.

Nonetheless, here below is just one of many Credible sources that confirm and explains this aspect. BTW, it's also noteworthy to mention from the below article, it Alludes that Women that have Casual Sex with random Men experience an Orgasm Less than 50% of the time due to the lack of bonding ( needed more by Women due to their biology ).

Why So Many Women Don’t Have Orgasms : ( References are at the bottom of that article )


In conclusion, Any Woman trying to shame a Guy because he is not Thor Thundercock, it's likely the Woman is 50% or even More the one with the Sexual Problem rather than the Guy according to the Research and it is not just hearsay neither. To reiterate, " Women are generally Not good at accepting Accountability and Responsibility for themselves". Thus, the shame is on them.

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bluewaters 5 months ago

Honestly, I don't get it, why cant a women just rub her clit during sex if its such a necessity to orgasm. It's such a simple and easy thing to do while a man will be fucking her. So the man is satisfied and so is she. I think they don't do that as a manipulation technique. In other words they keep a guy feeling anxious about the fact of his performance instead of taking half responsibility herself. They want us men to feel like we are oligated and responsible for her pleasure which makes it like we are utility and servants to her pleasure. That type of manipulation is akin to reverse psychology and the likes. That's the only way i can make sense of it.

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Hammerhead69 5 months ago

The hotter she is the crazier she is.

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nexus1961 5 months ago

Amber Heard comes to mind, hot, and maliciously crazy.

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shitkicker79 5 months ago

True hammer , but fatties and hags are "Karen's"

   2    0
LongRedRoad 5 months ago

lol.... 'ass donuts' so many funny one liners..

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Hammerhead69 5 months ago

They bang all sorts of guys, each other or toys they ain't going without.

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Lucifer333 5 months ago

dogs and other pets are a thing, imagine being a kat to a kat lady, omg, sweet baby Jesus please save us

   4    0
Hammerhead69 5 months ago

@Lucifer333: Poor critters animal abuse isn't cool.

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shitkicker79 5 months ago

They bang German shepherds too

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jeffclouser 5 months ago

LMAOROF. Why? Because it's true. You guys rock !

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TheBrewjo 5 months ago

I draw the line at prolapse porn. Seeing a chick blow her arsehole out like a pink beehive for a dude to fuck... EJECT!!

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scott sanger
scott sanger 5 months ago

female rhetoric is ALL THE SAME .... who do these broken thots THINK are listening to their incessant whining ?

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big_brain_nibba 5 months ago

Hey Popp, I wanted to wish you a happy veteran’s/remembrance day man. Hope you’re having a good day, old soldier. You’re a cool guy and I always look forward to your hilarious videos.

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eightyduce 5 months ago

Thank you for your service! You are still considered an enemy of the state. Congratulations

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AntiCuck1982 5 months ago

The double stroker aka V2 engine

   4    0
MGTOW_Viking 5 months ago

No problem.. I´ll believe her to the exact same level as I believe any woman: 0 %

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AntiCuck1982 5 months ago


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AntiCuck1982 5 months ago

So this is the guy who makes the amazinh wahmen voice ...

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