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I Sent A Female Fan My Old Shirt - MGTOW

Published on 26 Nov 2023 / In People & Blogs

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Hi Everyone Sandman Here,

This video is brought to you by a donation from Fat Cat and here's what she has to say: Hello Sandman, My request for you sending me a shirt seems to alarm some of your fans. I was debating quite a lot on if I should ask for it. Seems I was right about needing to be sure if I'm ok with you sharing that on your channel before I even asked. The comments have been interesting. Unlike the woke folk, I do see that me request is strange so I'm not surprised about how many times it has been said I'm crazy. The men have some wild ideas on what I'm planning. In all honesty I quite happy to see how concerned they are with your wellbeing. It is quite sweet. Whenever I hear women talk about this they are usually complain about how overbearing men are. I think it shows they care and want you to be safe. The comment with the 6 hearts is great example. Oddly the comment from TomDenney13 was close to what I wanted to test out. I read studies as well and I find it interesting. Sight is the least interesting sens for me. I already know I like the sound of your voice and since everyone in my family is sensitive in the smell department. I wanted to know how smell would factor in. Doing this in person blindfolded would probable be more effective, but not something you would go for. Asking for a worn shirt was the next best thing. I don't really get why people are so overly sensitive about this. I don't really understand why it is alright to ask for someone to ask for a picture so you have visual idea of what they look like, but asking how they smell is offensive? Honestly most people just want to be offended. Thank you for indulging me and I have been able to run me test. We might have different ideas on quality when it comes to shirts, but overall I do like it. It is to big on the shoulders, but I find it fits nice and feels comfortable. I'm not sure if and how long you worn the shirt, but is has a nice light sent on it. For the time it will last, it is suiting and calming. I like to keep the shirt and see if I feel this way because the shirt or the cent. At least now you know what type of women would like your worn shirt. As for the topic I was hoping you would go into why mens concerns or often seen as overbearing by women." Well Fat thanks for the donation and topic. Against my better judgement and that of everyone listening I sent Fat Cat the shirt. Sent it from Budapest when I was there. The Post Office was more like a bank then what I'm used to in Canada with a small kiost in a pharmacy. People thought Fat Cat might want to put a spell on it and requested that I wear it before sending it. I put it on for like five minutes. She said to wear it but she didn't say say for how long.

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usr6874038614 3 months ago

Send her a bottle of fart gas for 20 bucks :D

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hqwebsite 3 months ago

Fat Cat is here again!
https://i.redd.it/a2jbo6ckpu1c1.jpg Looks like there's a market for Sandman MGTOW 'musk'.

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