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I Pissed Off An Entitled Woman - MGTOW

Published on 17 Sep 2023 / In People & Blogs

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Hi Everyone Sandman Here,

This video is brought to you by a donation from Eric. He didn't give me a topic so I wanted to cover the comments from someone named MGTOW Forever and I quote: "Yesterday was my ex mother in law's viewing and "celebration of life" lunch. I went just to make sure she was dead and I pretended to care. When we all had to pay our final respects one by one I literally looked at her and said under my breath "I'll see you in hell". The lunch had a bunch of free food and sodas. Alcohol had to be bought. I really needed a buzz being around these douchebags so I bought Coronas. $4 a bottle. The waitress kept flirting with me. She kept smiling and making eye contact with me every time she passed me. The thing is I am on to her little game. She thought she was going to get some tip money out of me. When it came time to pay my bill she gave me the computer screen and the first thing there was "gratuity" or tips. I could've tapped the "No tip" option but I'm an asshole and I was drunk. I enter a big fat 0 in the tip amount. When she turned the screen around she went from a smile to looking like I just kicked her dog. I couldn't help but laugh. I had a good day yesterday. I said good bye to a huge pain in my ass, ate for free, got drunk, and pissed off an entitled woman. I am not even hung over today either! My ex wife tried hitting on me and even said she missed me. My last words to her were Like mother, like daughter so follow her lead and drop dead. I also told her she must have had a rough night of sex because she was covered in bruises. That didn't piss her off. It made her smile. She was fighting with her sister that she lives with. This is what lonely women have to look forward to. In the future cops will be called domestic assualts between adult female siblings." Well Eric thanks for the donation and MGTOW Forever for making me laugh for the first time in a long time. What's this world coming to when they don't offer an open bar at a funeral? Let's get real most people go to funerals for the free food. Also Mr. Forever you were kind of forced to go because you had children with your ex wife and you're really going there for them and not the ex. She just happened to be there getting turned on by the thought of getting back together with you at her own mother's funeral. I sounds like you were the one that left her and that's usually the case when a woman is trying to get together with you. Also you're right that in the future police will be called to break up domestics between two female siblings that are living together because men don't want them. This is one of whamen's achilies heels. They need someone to dump their toxic emotions onto and that's usually the man they are involved with. But if they are single then they tend to move in with their sister or female friends as roommates an emotional support network. I don't think it has anything to do with their financials but everything to do with the need to have an emotional tampon to use in their life.

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havok545 7 days ago

"Pissed off entitled woman." - they're ALL entitled so it's a redundant statement

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WMHarrison94 8 days ago

Damn. Weddings are funerals for the poor bastards getting married and funerals are celebrations of freedom for men. WTF happened? Oh yeah, we let pussy vote!?

   3    0

5:47 - Fuck she is gorgeous... Kind of like AOC, but without being a retarded lying cunt, with donkey knob choppers.

   2    0
havok545 7 days ago

LOLOLOL you forgot to add EVIL as well

   3    0
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