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‘I live off £30 a month’- Nearly 4 million people in UK experienced ‘destitution’ last year

Published on 27 Nov 2023 / In Film & Animation

This I find Desgusting and shamelful in a Modern Western Country (UK) in 2023. I myself am in this situation im many degrees but I do budget to have one or two treats "occasionally" I don't have a car but a moped and a bicycle if petrol is an issue. I have a bus pass as well. But for some of these Guy's a CAR is an essential LUXURY to get about these day's. I currently this month have less than £20 left but I get a small public servant pension that goes in on the last day of the month then on the 1st of the month all the DD bills and utilitys fo out so I don't actually see that pension money, but a few days later I get my Stae Pension, but at least all the bills are paid off by then. I live of Beans on Toast, cheap canned curries from Morrison's, I go early to the Supermarket and buy up as may reduced loaves and products the moped will carry even making tow trips more often than not. On the goos side I've lost nearly 4 stone (not sure what thay is in US pounds) and I feel really good for it, plus i actually now eat far less because of the weight loss. I don't do pub's, Clubs My Birthday or christmas anymore. white goods I tend to find and rescue from duymposters (Skips) and I'm gifed with the ability to repair just about anything. I did manage to save up for a small caravan table top Washing machine twin tun a while back so nomore hand washing, it'ds rated "A" so it uses as little power as possible. The thinks is I have the know;ledge and mindset and experience NOT to let this "DESTITUTION" go any further, yes I have been worse off in my life, as a teen after my asshole of a father thew me out I used to live well sleep in a country bus shelter and went to work every morning where I had a wash and rinced a few clothes out. today is fucking tough but I think I do OK but lowering expoectations I get by. On reflecton, I would prefer NOT to be in this situation, BUT then again I'm gifted and thank god for my abilities and knowledge that I NEVER have taken for granted. As fot the greedy broken system? I avoid it whenever and where ever I can. It threw me out of the box decades ago, and now i look into the box from the safety of being outside of it. I have NO obligation to anyone or anything anymore other than keeping a roof over my head and food in my belly, I refuce and won't be doing anythin in the future to rebuild the system the RICH have corrupted and destroyed. Peace. (My harear goes ouit to ALL in the world that suffer this plight), Peace

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I use a technique I call thrift multiplication.

Shopping once every 4 or 6 weeks in a regional city with $50 of fuel and 260 Km round trip, spending say $400 on groceries, saves me around another $600 or $800 on the small town prices above that...

Try to fit in as many things on a single trip - cuts out postage, couriers, and multiple trips.

Doing all my own servicing and maintenance, and buying all the lubricants etc., when on special and buying up when I can.

Those savings on the groceries, enable me to make many other savings in so many other ways...

Use a basic low power laptop, cheap to run.... Uses like 20W, compared to a muscley desk top.

Insulate all the windows and doors and stop all the drafts = a HUGE saving in heating and cooling costs....

Pump all the cold air in at night in the summer and all the warm air in during the day in winter... or open the front and back doors when there is a credible, consistent, stable breeze.

Works really well MOST of the year.. except when its freezing cold in the day and night in winter and stinking hot at night and during the day in summer...

Using ONLY LED lights.

Buy SOME things off Ebay.

Shop super cheap for clothes...

Buy the medicines and health products at whole sale / volume discount chemists.

Cut my own hair - at about SEVEN CENTS a hair cut, Vs ~$40 a hair cut at a hair dresser / Barber.



An earlier post I can't find that was on getting a tin, adding 2 parts instant coffee to 1 part powdered milk - that and a gas stove and only heating your water up to too hot to stick your finger in it, allows you to make decent highway coffee for like say $1 a liter, instead of $6 for 400 ml - or a cost of $1 a liter vs $14 a liter of the take away....

Or like 30c for 5 discount tea bags and a spoon of milk powder to make a liter of tea....

Multiply the cost over 50 ONE liter cups or fifty 400 ml cups when travelling, Vs what you pay for in take away prices.



A repost from here - and my comment is about fiscal intelligence.....

This is why you avoid women who are cum dumps and financial black holes.

So when you do the maths on everything - you can get smart really quick.


She Feels Frustrated Without A man...


That first bitch sniveling about a guy dining at the take away....


You know, if it comes down to eating out - I'd rather eat a DECENT hamburger with the lot (Aussie super food) and a large cuppachino for $25, from a GOOD truck stop...

There is no fucking way, I would be paying for her to feed her face, at my expense, at $100 - $200+ a head... just for her.

It's just food - it keeps you alive and running.

BUT since when dining out in Bumfuck Nowhere, it's actually better to buy some meat, eggs, bacon, pineapple slices, tomatoes, cheese, lettuce, some buns etc., to make your own hamburgers with the lot, and get some fruit for desert, and mix up some coffee powder and milk powder, and spend up on that and get 3 really good nutritional meals for 2 people for $40 all up.

Any woman who is stupid enough to piss away YOUR MONEY, on expensive shit, is not a frugal and sane person, with deep financial savvy....

And you are a fucking dumb arse for feeding up a freeloading fuckwit.

The maths:

10 meals a year at $200 a head for two = $4,000

10 meals a year at $25 a head from the truck stop for two = $500

10 meals a year doing DIY on the electric BBQ's in the park for two = $100.

That means I will have spent $100 on 20 meals, and have $3900 in the bank to save and to spend on other things, that I do need, and not just on a fat ingrate bitch who has nothing to bring to the table.

That is like $200 a year on servicing the car, and $500 in fuel = nearly 4,000 Km of traveling.

I am still $3200 in front.

And the fuel gets me 10 major trips to a regional city - where food is like $300 a trip, compared to Bumfuck Nowhere, where it costs like $900.

So 10 x $300 + 10 x $50 in fuel = $3500 - shopping in a regional city, compared to 10 x $900 for grocery shopping in Bumfuck Nowhere = $9,000.

So I am saving big time there.....

So budgeting really tightly on the dining out, gives me a lot of cash, to save even more cash on the groceries...

And that freeloading fucking dumb bitch wants guys to piss away money on her, and she is nothing more than retarded fuck hole?

Any woman that expects you to pay up big time for her?

Tell her, "Paying a good prostitute for sex, is money well spent, compared to dating you, because your just really expensive, a totally shit date, and a waste of my good time."

Before you get up and walk out / hang up / ghost her.

I hope those who read this - obtain benefit from what I have written.

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mrghoster 3 months ago

Just done a few number crunches online. It appears if you live of an annual income LESS than 60K you could be classed as poor or destitute. I cruched my figure and live of in total 9.5K fo0r the year, I'm surprised I'm even still alive, good job I have a BRAIN isn't it! lol!

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WMHarrison94 3 months ago

Ai was at like 61k but now I think I'm about 52k maybe?...

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WMHarrison94 3 months ago

Uhm..your post disappeared!? Unlike the 20th C., we will be loosing rights... We learn, but the sheeple donot! Want some lamb chops? Baa-aahl!?

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mrghoster 3 months ago

@WMHarrison94: Yeh! I actually had trouble uploading this one but it seems to be working this end?

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