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I Know Why There Are 57 Genders - MGTOW

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Published on 10 Jan 2022 / In People & Blogs

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What Is The Trans Agenda?

Ameca Humanoid Robot AI Platform

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Hi Everyone Sandman Here,

This video is brought to you by a donation from Spencer. He didn't give me a topic so I wanted to cover a video called "What is the Trans Agenda?" by someone named James Corbett which I've linked to in the description. He was kicked off of YouTube a while back for his show the Corbett Report. So he had to create a new channel because I believe he received a strike for medical misinformation. He looks like he's a bald western man with lower smv in the Canada so he moved to Japan to start a family. He received a question about the trans agenda from one of his viewers and he said that he didn't notice much of the same sorts of insanity that we see in the west in Japan where he's currently living. While he doesn't say it directly in his video he implies that trans humanism and the trans gender agenda are very closely linked. I really suggest you watch the video to understand what he's talking about. He even has Ray Kurzweil the author of the age of spiritual machines communicating as a female avatar. The idea of course is that after the singularity and we are all living a virtual meta verse existence the gender in such a reality would be a choice. But we all know how over the last few years you had the choice to get a jab or not be able to participate in soyciety. James didn't say it but I knew exactly where he was going with the video. First they will give you freedom to choose which of the 57 genders you want to be. Just like they gave us freedom to express ourselves using social media until they eventually give all kids puberty blockers and make them non-binary until they choose. Just like the state is now deciding if you can have various freedoms if you're jabbed or not imagine if you don't behave yourself they can decide if you will develop into a male or female or not? Could it be that they want a loss of complete bodily autonomy for the human race? Was James too scared to say that? I don't know but that's all I could think about while watching his video. Imagine that you can't rebel as a man against the state if the state identifies your rebellious nature when you're six or seven and doesn't give you access to testosterone, the hormone of the gods that's found in you naturally to become a threat later. People are accepting this one step at a time. It's really scary. First it was the trans thing. Now they accept non binary people. Is the final agenda to have almost everyone be non-binary in a binary digital world in the metaverse once our biological and digital identities fuse into one? I'll discuss more in a moment but let me first tell everyone about today's sponsor The Men's Guide To High Conflict Divorce: Anyways, now back to the elites trying to turn the masses into the borg collective clown world show. James Corbett shows us a clip from the BBC where a girl is sitting at a table telling her parents that she is trans. Her parents support her decision to become a male. But then she says that she's not transgender but transhuman. She says that she wants to digitize herself so that she can live forever. Her parents say but what will happen to her body. She says she won't need it anymore so it will be recycled. Then they say so you'll be dead but she doesn't think about the question of consciousness. Is it in our body or is it external. Is your soul in your body or can it be transferred into a machine. If it could be transferred to a machine then imagine if it could never leave? I'm bringing up some massive questions I haven't heard anyone bring up before. I can't help but think about how many stupid people will volunteer to digitize themselves. It's like walking yourself into a gas chamber thinking you're turning yourself into a god.

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hqwebsite 13 days ago

Has anyone seen this?


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hqwebsite 15 days ago

The first stage of Transhumanism can be comical like this.

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hqwebsite 15 days ago

I view the Ameca android as development on facial expression. The AI certainly has progressed beyond anything I have seen before. The realism is very convincing with very subtle uncanny valley. I'm visioning this technology to be made available in entertainment and advertising industry. Not much into adult entertainment.

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Vandetta 15 days ago

It's scary that I can empathize with the goal of the elites, I understand it from their perspective and if I was in their position it wouldn't be hard to adopt it. It's not only mgtows and real red pillers who can see how stupid the average person is, the elites see it too.

But I can also see that once the collective is wiped out, the elites will destroy themselves, they can't help it. It's in the nature of the dominant to dominate and that never ends.

But here's the thing, I would rather wipe the idiots out using the truth, because the truth forces the truthless to self-destruct.

Also I figured out how to seamlessly integrate the human mind into technology and maintain consciousness, you slowly over time replace the brain and gut with nano-tech that can simulate the functions of both, the body and brain adapts to changes naturally so I believe if done right you could do the same to replace the body with tech to become functionally imortal while maintaining consciousness. It would be a slow process but I believe it can be done.

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bigintol03 15 days ago

I'll give you credit for saying that the average person is stupid, (and getting dumber) our society is quite literally going insane, at some point it has to be dealt with before we turn back to being Neanderthals! So I too empathize with the "elites" in that respect. It's nice to hear that from someone else for a change, kind of makes me feel for a second that I'm not totally alone!

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csehszlovakze 15 days ago

Corbett has said repeatedly that the "new" channel is not his! You can watch him on his website, BitChute or even odysee.

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