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I Got Robbed In Salina Cruz & Almost Was Murdered By The Cartel


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Alpha Male Lifestyle
Published on 01 Oct 2022 / In People & Blogs

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whatever1 2 months ago

Amir I think I am probably too much of a loser to do anything but but I just love asian culture. I think its the best choice given the state if europe but most of us dont have access to the best asian countries.

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AdolfWasRight 2 months ago

Stop going to wetback lands......nothing GOOD comes out from there.

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MGTOWMONGER 2 months ago

Damn... You did a whole bunch of things that people should NEVER DO when in Mexico... Sleeping in a fucking car? You fucking kidding me??? NO ONE does that in Mexico. Mexicans don't do that in Mexico. You can go off the beaten path but if you're driving in Mexico and you choose to drive at night and it is not a toll road you will literally run into farm animals on the road. I have had friends I have known who have been in accidents doing that. People I know personally have been severely injured and killed doing that. Not to mention how many drunk Mexicans drive around at night in smaller towns and large cities of course, and along highways. Amr, I don't know what you were thinking. I am sure you want to try to live life by your own standards and doing your own thing but there are warnings about NOT DOING these things all over the internet concerning Mexico on Expat sites, tourist sites, extreme tourism sites, etc. The locals would tell you not to do such things. Expats would tell you not to do those things. I could have told you not to do those things if I had known you'd try them.

For anyone reading this considering going to Mexico. DO NOT SLEEP IN A FUCKING CAR! Now there is ONE SINGLE PLACE you can sleep in your car and I did it once myself but you ASK before hand and you also fill up your tank first. And that is at a PEMEX GAS STATION. Find one that is open 24 hours and ask to sleep there. They are guarded, you never see the guards, but if you see a somewhat higher point in the 2 story building that's attached to the gas station, that's a tower... and there's at least one armed guard there. May be more. PEMEX workers handle mainly cash transactions and so they need to have that on site in some places due to the risk. Therefore it's much safer to do that. I guess you could sleep at a police station area but the police probably wouldn't want you sleeping in your car. Sleeping in your car is a cultural no-no in Mexico.

I'm sorry this happened to you Amr but you chose to do this in one of the poorest states in Mexico. Oaxaca is poor. Chiapas is also Poor. And you did this off the main highway that Migrants are using to enter Mexico from the south through the state of Chiapas! I cannot even begin to explain just how wrong a choice this is! You've got Haitians, Central Americans, etc... coming up through there along with the human smugglers smuggling them up. They want stuff, they want money, they see an easy target they're going to GO FOR IT... You made yourself the easiest target possible.

From now on, do not sleep in a car in Mexico unless you are going to sleep at a PEMEX station! And... in general they don't want to kill you, but they will if you resist. So just give them all your stuff that they ask for if you're getting robbed and you are not in a position to fight with a high likelihood of winning the fight. Like some punk kid or woman trying to rob you - you beat the fuck out of them if you know they don't have a gun.

Well... if you want to live somewhere where you can sleep in your car in Mexico, try Ajijic, Chapala, Puerto Vallarta, Sayulita. Don't even try it in states like Chiapas or Oaxaca or Michoacan or Guererro... You can get away with it in Jalisco in some areas (not in Mazamitla - very cold in that high altitude anyway) and in Nayarit near Nuevo Vallarta. Very, very small towns might be OK too but make friends with the locals and in the area you will sleep in your car.

MOTELS exist in Mexico... they're mainly 'love motels' where you can take a lady and rent the room for 8 hours or 12 hours and the rates are quite reasonable and the rooms have really nice huge flatscreen TV's, plenty of hot water, lots of times they have a build in sauna bathtub, 24 hour food service, ice cold AC, in the northern states where it gets cold they even have heaters that are combined with the AC unit and they work (I use those when I have driven to Mexico from the USA). They generally have a locking automatic garage door. You drive into the unit that is available after driving up to the motel entrance and speaking to a worker through a loudspeaker / microphone point and you park your car in the place and push the button to close the garage door or wait for a hotel attendant to come and collect the money (generally you pay these in cash some take credit cards / debit cards - not all do). And there you go... nice, safe, your car is out of view, discreet, and no one can see into your car to see what you have. I have always diven into Mexico laden down with stuff, lots of it. Not expensive stuff but STUFF... That's how I got the original computers for the MGTOW MIRROR PROJECT down into Mexico.. 9 computers! (and I paid the taxes to bring those suckers into Mexico). No way in hell was I going to sleep in my car with that or stay at some airbnb where I had to leave my car exposed. Insane to unload everything and then reload everything into the car - the Motels are the answer and they're all over Mexico... Everywhere. Including Chiapas and Oaxaca! So... use those next time! If there is a next time.

Like I said... sorry this happened to you Amr but there are just things you cannot do in Mexico that you may have been very accustomed to doing elsewhere. And sleeping in a car is one of those! Driving at night on non-toll roads is another thing you should not do! You can get into accidents very easily with large animals... sheep, cows, and horses. Horses are the worst! The way a friend of mine died was because he hit a horse and the horses head went through the damn windshield and crushed him - DEAD. He was sober, driving at night returning home from Morelia to Uruapan, Michoacan about 15 years ago. That's not a very good way to die... but at least for him it was quick, his skull was pretty much crushed. The horse had to be killed too, but survived the initial impact it seems. There are also bears in some regions of Mexico in the mountainous areas. You were in a region that may have bears too... Sleeping in a car in a region with bears is not such a smart thing to do either. And walking around at all hours of the night in Mexico is not wise either. You can do it in some places, I have walked alone from downtown Guadalajara to a point at the far end because the friends I was with were too damn drunk to drive and I wasn't stepping into their car with them. No thanks... this was before Uber and at 3AM I didn't see any taxis in that area. I made it, even with some light rain. Saw some homeless but no one bothered me, no problems. I had been drinking but wasn't drunk. I promised myself then and there I'd never do it again - but I did it, not a big deal thankfully. I also walked along where some businesses and taco stands were open and past two hospitals (later I found out that area is somewhat dangerous because drug addicts hang out in the park but I stayed closer to the hospital not the park). Do not walk around by yourself at 3AM in Mexico unless you are in a tourist town like Puerto Vallarta - and even then you're taking a risk. There are street dogs... sometimes they form PACKS. I ran into such a pack years ago in Uruapan, Michoacan walking back to my place there at around 1AM after being at a fun cafe / restaurant. Not a really long walk. But this pack of like 12 dogs came up on me and started growling and barking at me and some of those dogs were not small... they were big, most were medium and some small ones. I kicked a stop sign and made a lot of noise at them and kept kicking the sign and it would make noise and they growled and then the pack left. But if they had decided to attack me I would have been fucked, most likely dead. the 6 bigger dogs would have likely knocked me down and between them and the rest they would have torn my throat out easily.

Well... Sad this happened. But it could have been avoided 99.99%.

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BIGLOAD 2 months ago

Man- you had a nasty grey hair on your shoulder. Kept wanting to flick-it off.

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Alpha Male Lifestyle
Alpha Male Lifestyle 2 months ago

that along with dandruff

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TelepathicRapist 2 months ago

What you were saying about their ripoff based culture is totally correct in my view. It's like the majority of the people there have no concept of an honest trade. Sure it is getting more and more this way in the usa too as time goes on but it has been like this in Mexico for a long time in my view. If they aren't trying to cheat you they feel as if you have somehow cheated them by not allowing them to scam you. Very weird psychological complex these guys have. I remember dudes in cancun trying to sell hats and shades on the beach from the local Walmart for a massive inflated price and stuff like that in hopes of people not knowing the stuff is just from the nearby Walmart for cheaper. It's like a lot of the people there know the situation is grim and they have given up on honest work long ago

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