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I Became The Man My Mom Wanted & It Ruined My Life - MGTOW

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Published on 23 Sep 2020 / In People & Blogs

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I became the man my mom wanted me to be and he got eaten for lunch

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Hi Everyone Sandman Here,

This video is brought to you by a donation from Trevor. He didn't send me a specific topic so what I'd like to do is discuss that other woman besides your wife that might ruin your life. I am of course referring to your mother. The inspiration for this video is a coaching call I did a while back with a young guy that was being pushed by his mother to become a doctor. It's tough when your mother has expectations and you don't want to let her down. If you do what your mother asks of you instead of standing up to her wishes then how will you ever stand up to a woman that you will be romantically involved with one day? Most guys born and raised by in a western country and raised by western parents don't have to deal with this. They are free to pursue whatever fine arts and social justice diploma they want at their so called local university which is just a fancy clown college that creates purple haired freaks. But in other less decadent countries when parents educate their children they want them to become doctors, lawyers and other highly paid professionals. Unless you've grown up with parents from an Eastern country then you have no idea what kind of pressure is put on a guy to excel in academia. Let's just say I was encouraged to go into math and science so I could go into medicine. Much the same way that the guy I spoke to on my Skype chat did. Let's call him Dave. It took me a few years to figure out that I not only hated science and math but that I also didn't have an aptitude for it. Much to the shigrin of my parents in my senior year I transferred out of my physics and math classes and decided to instead focus on creative writing and history. I applied for Psychology at the University of Toronto and got in and becoming a clinical psychologist was going to be the closest I would ever come to becoming a real doctor. But even then I didn't go choosing to instead go and get a fine arts degree in media instead. I chose to break free of the life path that was decided for me and picked my own. Even without the security of the pay a doctor would receive. But Dave decided that he was going to do what his mother had decided and now his life is starting to suck and he needs to find a way out. I'll tell you more about his story in just a moment but let me first tell everyone about today's sponsor X-Wolf Booster:

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velhobarreiro 23 days ago

If I was the man my mum wanted, then I'd be a soyboy now.

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anonamoose 28 days ago

Single moms raise boys the way they think they'd like a man to be and it results in a man who's completely unattractive to the opposite sex and who's weak.

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Hammerhead69 28 days ago

Mom wants you of use and be ready to stand in for Pops with cash and attention.

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Freeatlast 28 days ago

It is very important for fathers of kids to help their children know their own strengths and interests, and to point them to possible different options that the kid may want to go. It is also important for fathers to mentor the kid when he is growing up, but the kid needs to make own decision on what to do with life.
Mothers don’t get any of that. That is why kids from single mother homes are a mess.

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ancientsea 28 days ago

Misfortune cloaks the sons of single mothers, this is an aspect of male development that, here-to-fore , has been ignored. The problems which have manifest are overlooked in much the same way that main stream media looks past the rioting and dwells on the ;peaceful;; aspect of demonstrations.

Small boys have a great love for their mother. The statement is uncontestable. However, the single mothers constantly deride the father as a slob, cheating man, or brute. In consequence the boys feel an obligation to arrest this condition and be the white knight. These poor deluded boys will spend a lifetime endeavoring to be the man [ as they were instructed ] that their biological father wasn't. The truth, if it ever be told, was probably the fact that the mother was the cheating party in the marriage as well as the liar....then, now, and evermore. The boys may never face the actual SIMP-toms of that malevolent instructed pathology.

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Arthur Zager
Arthur Zager 28 days ago

Not necessarily, it depends on mothers approach to raising children. Is it hands on or hands off approach. In our case we were 3 brothers growing without father figure. Mother was constantly working hard to just to keep us fed. We rarely got lectured regarding our behaviors. Both approaches are detrimental to boys growing without proper discipline from Father, or Male authority which is Essential !

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