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I asked the guy who took this video to supply me the lyrics for all the harmonies and singing in it.

Published on 12 Sep 2021 / In Film & Animation

It's the Sufi Islam chanting / rituals. There is the clapping and feet stamping - which is the timing, the drum beat so to speak, there is the sung base rythm, then there is the song melody and then there is the singing over the top of it. It's Chechyn, and it's Islamic - which are not in my workable language sets.

Mohammad Montazeri

Ph.D. Student of Comparative Religious Studies, Iran

⁣It starts with this Dhikr (remembrance):
La Ilaha Illa Allah (لَا إِلٰهَ إِلَّا ٱلله)
Meaning: There is no god but Allah

From 0:32 you can hear this in the background:

Allah Allah Allah... (ٱلله)

Meaning: Calling God repeatedly

Someone also starts chanting frequently from this point In Chechen language.

They repeat those remembrances again and again. and this video is just about 5 minutes of possibly 2 hours ceremony. The ceremony also contains speeches and prays.

Note 1: This remembrance (Dhikr or Zikr) emphasize on the unity of Allah, and they also perform this unity in the ceremony by forming a circle and orbiting an imaginary core. This remembers the Haj ceremony in which Muslims orbiting Kaaba (not as an idol but a symbol of Gods presence in this world)

The core of whole existence is Allah and this allegorical ceremony recreates the universes circular and everlasting motion around its core. (I'm not providing scientific facts here. Of course, our ancestors inspired by the motion of stars, the moon, and sun which orbiting earth -or universe orbiting the sun- and they put themselves in a harmony with it by performing some ceremonies maybe)

This circular movement has a point: the circular motion is the only form of motions in which the moving doesn't go far and doesn't get close. This journey won't end because God is infinite.

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