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I'm From the Government and I'm Here to Help | Grunt Speak Live

Terrence Popp
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Published on 06 May 2021 / In Comedy

⁣The government would never allow experiments that hurt you on purpose, right?
#gruntspeaklive #notyourlabrats #epicfail

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Mike 27 days ago

Love Blakes impression of the President Installed...John Herbert for Prez! LOL!

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Séan Northern
Séan Northern 1 month ago

Just a thought: The problem with the vaccine is that the genetically engineered antibodies have high affinity (that means that they are really good at killing one specific variant with the downside of not being able to recognise or attack any other variant), *but* they are overpowering the body's natural less specific response (think of "general purpose" antibodies - really good at recognising any kind of infection, but are not as good at killing them as the high affinity version).
The "so what" is that those people with the vaccine are highly vulnerable to any variant that was not programmed into the vaccine... and this is at least long-term, and may be permanent.
- Your friendly neighbourhood medic

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Duugus 2 months ago

Darth Sniffyist?

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Duugus 2 months ago

Just in. Late again

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dominopheonix 2 months ago

istat popps

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xkhsvcct 2 months ago

Joe Rogan comment,

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mgtowkdups 5 2 months ago

Thanks guys. Love ya no homo

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Nortmas 2 months ago

First marriage lasted 5 years (8 years together), second marriage still going and coming up on 30 years. 2 girls grown, STEM degrees and doing well. She's not a Femenazzzzi.

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nexus1961 1 month ago

You, sir, lucked out.

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mgtowkdups 10 2 months ago

Urbandictionary this shit: Charizarding , Irish Handcuffs, Sporking, Clutch Oven

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xkhsvcct 2 months ago

I so agree with this meme of Joe Rogan

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