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Hypergamy: THE TWO TYPES

Published on 08 Jun 2024 / In Entertainment

Donovan Sharpe provided an in-depth analysis of the concept of hypergamy, breaking it down into two primary types: genetic and financial. He explained that hypergamy refers to the tendency of individuals, particularly women, to seek partners of higher status or superior qualities.

### Genetic Hypergamy:
Sharpe described genetic hypergamy as the preference for physical and biological traits that signal strong genetics. This includes attributes such as physical fitness, height, facial symmetry, and other markers of good health and genetic viability. Women, according to Sharpe, are instinctively drawn to men who display these traits as they suggest the potential for healthy and attractive offspring.

### Financial Hypergamy:
Financial hypergamy, on the other hand, focuses on the economic and social status of a potential partner. Sharpe emphasized that women often seek men who can provide financial security, resources, and stability. This type of hypergamy is driven by the desire for a partner who can ensure a comfortable and secure environment for raising children.

Sharpe argued that these two forms of hypergamy are deeply rooted in evolutionary biology, influencing women's mate selection throughout history. He pointed out that while modern societal changes have altered the context in which these preferences manifest, the underlying instincts remain. By breaking down hypergamy into these two categories, Sharpe aimed to clarify the motivations behind women's dating choices and highlight the complex interplay between biological imperatives and social expectations.

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