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Hydroxychloroquine is the smartest drug in history! (Dr. Richard Urso)

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Published on 08 Sep 2021 / In Science & Technology

⁣Hydroxychloroquine is the smartest drug in history

Source: America’s Frontline Doctors

Speaker: Dr. Richard Urso

May 21, 2021

Dr Richard Urso uncovers a tiny but enormously significant detail in a chloroquine study – listen carefully…

"So we corresponded with the author, and I said, I am so happy for your study. You just showed one of the most amazing things that I’ve ever seen. I never thought I would see something so clear. You just proved that when viruses are around when chloroquine is around, chloroquine will let the virus attack a cancer cell. Think about that. So it will protect a normal cell.

"But chloroquine will not protect a cancer cell because they differentiate. The receptors are different. I mean, think about that. I mean, think about that. So I tore them back. I said, thank you. You completely misinterpreted the data, and you hid the fact, they hid it. They put it all the way down. As you know, you have to look for the data set.

"So I found it in the appendix in little letters. Kalu three lung cells. This is the disinformation campaign that we are faced with. They put out a big thing and they said, "Oh, it doesn’t work." They put it on Medical Express. "That’s it for chloroquine. It’s unlikely to work against SARS CoV two. We just proved it."

"No, you proved chloroquine is one of the smartest drugs in history. It will let viruses attack cancer cells, but not normal cells."

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