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How to Watch the Watchmen | Live From The Lair

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Published on 04 Nov 2022 / In News & Politics

⁣Another ice cream social is coming. Keep your waffle cones in order.
#TerrencePopp #Midterms #WhoWatchesTheWatchmen

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John_Doe 1 month ago

This advice works in the context of the reconnaissance being part of a larger military mission and passed up a chain of command to be analyzed and further acted upon.

That isn't going to happen here. What post-recon action is going to take place? Answer: none. Once all the data, intel, and video is gathered, who is it going to be submitted to? A local County Board of Supervisors? An election committee? A City Council? A news outlet? Local sheriff? State representative?

In other words, all people, groups, and organizations who are powerless to stop any shenanigans while they're happening in real time. Because either they have (A) no delegated power to stop it or (B) if they do have such power, by the time they act on the intel the election is already over. And we've already seen how useless the process is in prosecuting post-election fraud.

Sure, it comes to light, but does nothing to change the outcome. So as much as I appreciate and respect your military career, knowledge, and experience, your advice is not useful for this particular scenario because it relies on consequences being applied after the fact, after the election is over; which we already know from the last ice cream social isn't going to happen.

Meanwhile, the Communists have got it right in the sense of their methodology. Cheat, steal, intimidate, make yourself obvious, be loud, control the narrative, accuse the other side of the very thing your side is guilty of. Look what just happened in the Brazilian election. This idea that we can prevent election fraud by watching them from the shadows while keeping a low profile only works if there's going to be a follow-up/follow-through; which isn't going to happen in any substantive way that would change the outcome of a stolen election. The people charged with maintaining the integrity of our election process have abdicated that responsibility at best or are actively working to subvert it at worst.

It's going to require Battle of Athens-style tactics to turn this around in the event of fraud. Watching and recording won't be enough.

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