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How To Save The West? - MGTOW

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Published on 16 Sep 2020 / In People & Blogs

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Hi Everyone Sandman Here,

This video is brought to you by a donation from Robert and here's what he has to say: "Hi Sandman, I just submitted what I thought would be an interesting topic if you decide to cover it. You mentioned Gattaca in the Japanese Women video. I've been thinking about Gattaca. With the populations declining in most of the world's countries what do you think about the idea of some country eventually developing artificial wombs as a solution? Then you could see some kind of tech war break out with countries competing to see who can produce the best artificial wombs. In the West it's spun as some way to help women. They even start paying women for their unused eggs and screen them Gattaca style for offspring with the best traits. A catchy title for this might be Sandman Is My Baby Daddy. If I was a military planner I would already be considering options for dealing with declining populations. Maybe some rudimentary artificial womb technology already secretly exists? I also had an old precognitive type dream showing artificial wombs being developed before AI but those dreams always manifest in unexpected ways. Most of mine involve design/engineering aspects of the "afterlife" in some way. Don't know what the 3200 Kelvin significance of yours is. Looking to retire early myself in another year. Maybe I'll do a "science of the afterlife" type blog. What did you think was after this life? Everybody thinks they will be flying around playing harps? How dull. Cheers." Well Robert thanks for the donation and topics. I say topics because there are two here, human reproduction as well as seeing the future and the possibility of the afterlife. This is sure to be one of those videos where I jump into the deep end. But before I do let me first tell everyone about today's sponsor X-Wolf Booster: Anyways, now back to the video. So Robert first I'll discuss what I think about the situation with human reproduction and then I'll discuss precognition and a couple of scenarios for the future. Right now if we don't have some sort of technological intervention human societies will continue to shrink like the mouse populations did in the mouse utopia experiment. Even if somehow we could introduce young mice or young humans in our case into the dysfunctional system we still don't know how things would turn out. It would be fascinating to see what would happen if we could create another mouse utopia experiment and introduce healthy mice into the sick system to see if that would prevent the system from collapsing? I think in a way we are doing that in the west where we aren't reproducing by bringing immigrants in. But unlike the mouse utopia experiment in that case the mice in the experiment wouldn't be influencing all of the mice outside of it. Us humans in western countries through the internet are influencing the rest of the world and polluting their minds with our ideas.

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NumenorFaithFull 27 days ago

Take back the power of all things in culture, law and politics to MEN hands only.

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MoonBase 1 month ago

Mystery link should have been about that tarvich guy, but I guess it's better we don't go down that rabbit hole.

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MoonBase 1 month ago

Nikola Tesla also said 2100 eugenics would be universally established.

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AntiCuck1982 1 month ago


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charliebrownau 1 month ago

If Nations stop importing citizens and stop mass murdering its ETHNIC popolation and hold women accountable, the population issue would be fixed

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charliebrownau 1 month ago

The STATE is the problem

- No fault divorce
- Pussy Pass
- Alimony
- Divorce "settlement"
- Child "support"

The state refuse's to hold
- Women
- Jews
- Blacks
- Imported
- Corporations
- Banks
- Mainstream

accountable to the same exact standard as
native ethnic males

   2    1
Abyss 1 month ago

There are no good men left.

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charliebrownau 1 month ago

Calling out Jews, Zionism, Mossad , ISRAEL
, would be a good start for TFM/Sandman/John TPM/etc

2nd would be calling out
UN Agenda 21 20202-2030
Global Plandemic and Hoaxdown 2020
Global Reset 2021
Cashless Society 2030
Smart Cities 2030-2040

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charliebrownau 1 month ago

No one in goverment (LEFT or Centre or "right)
in AU+NZ+UK+CA+USA actually stands for

Right wing

They are all
Sell outs
Corporate buddies

Goverment is all about brainwashing, control, lies and fear

As long as nations have the STATE with armed force using force to backup the illegal "LAWS" we are never free people

Not a single Nation has rejected:-
Forced vacinations
Duthal Model and wamans "rights"

Its all a scam to keep the sheeple paying taxation and voting in a pointless maner

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Immortal_Liberty 1 month ago

WHO was fully rejected by Trump ,USA is no longer in WHO. Finland is not in Nato, Norway isn't etc. No such thing as forced vaccinations exist. Duluth model exists only in USA.

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scott sanger
scott sanger 1 month ago

the poor get married out of NECESSITY, the rich get married out of the beta simp syndrome........

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Immortal_Liberty 1 month ago

marriage makes you financially more poor, there is zero upside. Every guy now shares a house or apartment with other guy(s) if cant afford on heir own. Marriage takes your home away.

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scott sanger
scott sanger 1 month ago

mankind will destroy ANYWHERE he goes...... mars, the moon its all immaterial. a new generation is created with more stoopid people to replace the dying stoopid people........... history is all mankind can ever attain.

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Alpha Male Lifestyle

red trout they look a lot like salmon and live in lakes and stream. Mountains is where you need to be.

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Sandman 1 month ago

Yes near a hydro electric source to filter air and water.

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Hammerhead69 1 month ago

Take away their right to vote. Better still remove her citizenship and put her in the space they like best subjugate her and she will purr.

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Furioso 1 month ago

Main problem of the west and the world : banksters .They are evil and push their agendas through corrupt politicians to destroy countries .If we suppress these fuckers ,we can save not only the west but the entire world .They want to kill and enslave us anyway ,it's them against us .World war 3 is not a conflict between countries ,it's the elites against people and particularly masculine men ,women are just useful gullible idiots for them.They know female nature ,this is why they created feminism and social medias to destroy the nuclear family and submit men through women empowerment.

   4    2
Immortal_Liberty 1 month ago

Social media is great stuff to talk to friends across the world and even in my own city. So yeah, keep crying incel. Banksters bad ? LOL Nice try, commie. Where is your proof? Right,nowhere, just crying.

   3    4
scott sanger
scott sanger 1 month ago

bankers arent the problem, they are merely a reflection of what an uneducated, uncaring electorate WILL tolerate. the west IS unsavable as those that need adult supervision are now in the majority......... enjoy the last few good years with TRUMP, it is about to end.

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