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Published on 07 Dec 2020 / In People & Blogs

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Medusa sculpture to be unveiled across from Manhattan court to honor #MeToo

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Hi Everyone Sandman Here,

This video is brought to you by a donation from Hans and here's what he has to say: "Hi Sandman! We were in contact before. I have come up with a topic. I just can't find a girlfriend and it makes me sad. I have read pick up books and tried to get one, but it just doesn't work out for me. So the question is NOT how to get one, but how to live my life without a girlfriend in the long run and not to feel depressed about it. I do have hobbies, sports, enough male and female friends and am not a socially isolated person, it is about the long term absence of a female partner. Ciao" Well Hans thanks for the donation and topic. I'll get to it in just a moment but let me first tell everyone about today's sponsor Lindsay Transmission: Anyways, now back to clown world. Hans I felt the same way you did from around the middle of 2014 until early 2016 when I stopped dating and went monk mode. I've had women that were interested but I wasn't even going to entertain a pump and dump slut. So you're wondering how I could go almost five years without a girlfriend and feel perfectly fine about it. I've got four words for you red pill rage 2.0. You know about how you get mad when you first learn about female nature and ask yourself why oh why didn't anyone tell me about this stuff at a younger point in my life? I don't know if you've ever had a girlfriend to begin with or if you've been an incel your entire life. You say it makes you sad that you can't find a girlfriend which means you're an incel. To get to the point of red pill rage 2.0 there are certain rights of passage you have to go through. The first being dating and getting more than your fair share of female validation and attention. The second is consciously swearing off dating and relationships and going through the first red pill rage the third is going through the second red pill rage where your subconscious gets furious and it too stops wanting that female validation, sex and relationships anymore. The boink is no longer worth listening to her oink. It makes me sad that you're still stuck in the incel phase and I hope that you don't become nihilistic from taking the black pill and get caught in an endless cycle of hate and bitterness. Your question to me is not how to get a girlfriend but how to live your life without one without feeling depressed. In the black pill community they don't get depressed they get angry. But eventually that hate and anger consumes you. It's not the best way to live and many people said that my channel was responsible for keeping guys in an anger against women camp and that I wasn't helping them break free. Your mistake is picking up books to teach you how to get a girlfriend. Relationships aren't really about two people loving each other. They are about you loving yourself enough to put the effort into who you are and then when women see you loving yourself they ask themselves, if that man loves himself that much to put all that effort into himself then just imagine how much he will love me and as we all know by now when a man loves a woman she controls him. The steps I would normally suggest are pretty straight forward. Work on yourself, your image and body and career, etc, attract women.

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Sardonic Smile
Sardonic Smile 4 months ago

When a man has not had enough good sex, sex can become a tool/weapon used to control him.
Females' know this.

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hqwebsite 4 months ago

It would be nice if someone could place a tall mirror facing the statue. It will be complete.

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Vandetta 4 months ago

Truth is Hans, as a Dude you have to do the things that will bring you the most satisfaction in the long-term, dating is not that.
I know for the longest time I wanted a GF to cure this thing called virginity, however a couple months before I turn 18 i learned about MGTOW because I had myown shitty redpill experience.
The more i learnt about female nature the more i didn't want a relationship but i still had that VCard problem, so a couple months after my 18th i paid an escort for the full Girlfriend Experience.
It wasn't as great as sex is made out to be and now I'm satisfied with my hand and essentially have no need for a woman.
I also prefer to use myown mind over porn, that way you don't waste time.
I compare my experience to everything I've been told about "prostitutes behind closed doors", I.e girlfriends and normal women and I've determined that even the pump and dump thing would be boring.
In the future I do want to have a son, hence why I'm counting on artifical wombs, either that or I'll clone myself.

Although I'll for sure invest in Sandman's lover bot, if it can also wash the dishes and make me a sandwich I'm all in lmao.

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ExperimentalGroup 4 months ago

I empathize with Hans’ statement. But then I realized almost every woman i dated was a chameleon with a bad case of the crazies. The current climate cannot produce sane women, so entertaining the notion is potentially hazardous. It’s like reminiscing when the oasis was not a toxic waste dump.

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SOLID MGTOW MONK 4 months ago

The video thumbnail, that's one gorgeous traitor to men.

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Hammerhead69 4 months ago

Hugo's 99 Problems, and Jr. Brown's Venom wearing denim. Says it all and right true to fact.

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ElHombreporsuCuenta 4 months ago

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Wolf_joseph 4 months ago

The funny thing about Medusa, her origin story is litterally reflects women.

She was betrayed by the goddess Athena who she was a virgin Priestess at her temple. From a stunning beauty that stunned the weak simp around her to be turned into a Gorgon and to be beheaded and slap on the sheild of Athena to be use to stun the strong men in war to turn them to stone.

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RoboCat 4 months ago

The more I learn about Athena the more I realize she was a way bigger cunt than most people realize. Athena pulled some similar bullshit against Arachne, a human woman that she had a contest with. Arachne won so Athena got salty and cursed her by transforming her into a spider. At least Zeus is known to be a jackass, Athena gets too much credit that she doesn't deserve.

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Brendan Reilly
Brendan Reilly 4 months ago

I actually think supporting the crazy feminist leftist ideology out in the open makes it look more nutty to your average person. Like putting a radar siren on it saying all eyes on me. Look at my crazy. 2k subs but no comments and no likes. Meanwhile YT kicking redpillers off have nowhere else to go for their content. Well I am here, I am hitting the like button, and I am promoting the strength of the community growing here.

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