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How to impress Women, (with Google Earth)

Published on 18 Jul 2022 / In Film & Animation

Keep the Goyim on the ranch. Dont let them escape.
Pay your taxes. Get distracted by women, Get distracted by movies and videos games.
Whenever they censor something there is probably something there that you should know about.

Censor PUAs >> women are lesser than men.
Censor racial IQ statistics >> We are not made the same or equal.
Censor Holocaust denial >> Jews run the world
Censored natural medicine books. >> Big pharma does not want to heal you.

What else in the world could be more censored than the Rothschild family owning most of the banks ? Alongside having 400 trillion dollar in assets.

Most importantly dont go outside and measure the land. You can do anything but that.

For the incel pervets, her name is Victoria a Ukrainian beauty.

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