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How to Hack Online Dating for Marriage.: Tips that INSTANTLY Change EVERYTHING

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Published on 11 Feb 2021 / In Film & Animation

If 99% of men are not turned off by your profile, then you aren't doing it right!
00:55 use accurate photos, Deceptive photos make men think you are mentally ill
6:05 Location Location Location
10:00 Set filters for MARRIAGE ONLY
15:20 Surprise cameo from my husband about women making the first move, and why you should never ever play hard to get.
19:04 Send out signals online of EXACTLY the kind of girl you are, and be EXPLICIT
Why your goal should be to scare men away as fast as possible when looking for a husband.
24:40 No photos with alcohol or anything that says "fun girl" or "party girl" you are to be the archetype of a wife.
29:54 Horrifying infograph of the mistakes women make.... yikes!
30:00 Dating as a single mom DO NOT TALK ABOUT YOUR KIDS ON YOUR PROFILE
31:00 My goodness ladies DO NOT talk on and on about your kids, your medical problems or your exes on a first date (can't believe this has to be stated)

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MR Mayhem
MR Mayhem 2 months ago

Marriage... what it mean dough?

What's in it for men?

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HiryuPatriot 1 month ago

Reminds me of an inversion of feminists complaining about pick-up-artists, not without some merit. They complain it gives men specific psychological tools to [just talk to / date / sleep with / marry women]. And that's A Bad Thing because, well, a woman might get burned. Fair enough, people can lie about their motives; it's the same here, this is all well and good if an honest woman executes this... cause the manipulation baked into it is at least honest. Of course, nothing prevents a woman who just wants a check but actually LIES about WANTING to be a [what a man wants] nor does it do anything to make the prospect of marriage more palatable with our current laws.

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Ummmmmm she is at least forthright.....

But I don't know - women talk on and on and on and on - I kind of glaze over and involuntary my brain switches off and I go to sleep with my eyes open...

She needs to rehearse her WRITTEN speech and bring it back to being very concise and to the point, with little to no repeating.

She is good but still...... she does remind me of a Japanese whaling fleet - with marriage harpoons loaded up and ready to fire everywhere.

If you swim into the middle of that - your fucked.

This chick is just a fixated man trapper by marriage. A free loading parasite who wants to be on the gravy train for life, with him paying for it all.

I want out from her...... I will settle for a Mrs Doyle.

I fancy Mrs Doyle - she always has a tray of sandwiches and a cup of tea at the ready. Actually I would like to have a girl friend this good - you know house trained and doesn't drag it's arse across the carpet like a dog with worms.


In this bit she brings in a really nice China tea set, with a big lovely pot, and tea cups. Just my thing.

Mrs Doyle Best Bits - Father Ted Compilation

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Drums McBashington
Drums McBashington 2 months ago

These are nothing more than pro-level gold digging 'hacks'.
Useless without men, these sad little creatures.

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Drums McBashington
Drums McBashington 2 months ago

Can't even be honest when they are being 'honest'.
Thin is not the opposite of "curvy".

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Furioso 2 months ago

They believe in the wedding ,not marriage .Men they want are not stupid enough to get married .They want the Chad carousel and the marriage when they have debts ,baggages and a worn out stinky pussy ,be in a relationship and acting like they're single ,sorry men are not agree with that .Let them been pumped and dumped by stupid Chads who wants Stds and face the gynocentric courts for rape because Chads don't want to commit to a loud combative lying unstable whore .These retarded women don't understand that more and more men know their playbook .GAME OVER ladies ,you did this to yourselves .The government is just the gun but it's women who pull the trigger on the head of too much men .Face the consequences of your actions ,you wanted equality and be like men ,now it's time to prove that you can live on your own and be responsable like a true adult .Enjoy your cats .

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