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How To Fix The Future Pt. 5: Domination & A Wild Chloe Appears!?

Published on 26 Jan 2023 / In Gaming

Game: How To Fix The Future (Patreon, itch.io)

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Wow that turned into a fucking weird situation real fast. I probably wouldn't have chosen the Asian chicken or obey the mistress I probably would have rebelled as females can't Lead and don't take orders from females plus I'd rather fuck the other chick that takes through the portal, Olga and the Sage redhead lookalike that lost her ID.

Thanks 4 the upload if I could buy it I probably would have gone the rebel route and told mistress Octavia to go fuck herself than be her sub, and have her submit to me as I don't take orders from females they don't know how to Lead. I'm glad Olga said "we don't have time for your perverted games" plus she has better curves and tits and the ammosexual in me is attracted to real gun bunnies and Olga oh mane haha.

Once again thank you Grim Lord \G/ Godspeed

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Grims Dungeon Of Rants
Grims Dungeon Of Rants 2 months ago

Wonder no more. You can get the game for free. There's no set price for it. Have fun and make your own decisions.https://mr-moonmi.itch.io/how-to-fix-the-future

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