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How To Easily Make Lye at Home - steps at end

Published on 26 Jan 2023 / In How-to & Style
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He fucked up - technically he should only be adding the ash to the hot water and stirring it a few times and then letting the undissolved ash puoducts settle and then be pouring off the caustic solution from the top.

Dissolving store bought crystals of sodium hydroxide only takes minutes, and since the alkalais are in the form of fine ash, they should only take moments to go into solution.

2 or 3 thorough stirrings of the ash in hot water and then let it settle out - aside from the settling out, it ought to be done in minutes....

There is a difference between science and hippy bullshit...

But properly and fully burned up ash, I recall, can be converted straight into soap with some water and fat... It's just knowing the quantity of dissolved alakali and the ratios of water and fat.

But full ash soaps - while no medical miracle, or any other bullshit, are good, easy to make and they clean well.....

Or you can just leave out everything that won't quickly dissolve into the water and make clear (ish) or ash free soaps...

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red maple
red maple 1 year ago

I can't confirm or deny. I'll have to test both methods when I eventually do it

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@red maple: It wasn't a question or grounds for further study. I stated an objective series of facts.

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The Man Inside
The Man Inside 1 year ago

I'm quite sure it's not an acid as he mentioned.

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