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How To Deal With Drunk Women? - MGTOW

Published on 19 Nov 2023 / In People & Blogs

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Hi Everyone Sandman Here,

This video is brought to you by a donation from the one, the only Miss Fat Cat and here's what she has to say: "Hello Sandman, I don't mind the poking and how you probe me. At some point I might stop blushing or giggling like 5 year old girl. Anger is not the only thing that helps me get trough the day. I cycle trough different cooping styles. I remember turning 16 and being able to buy my own alcohol. I bought a bottle and drank it. For the life of me couldn't understand why people like getting drunk and don't for that matter. The most relevant data is alcohol amplifies my mood. Since I am mostly suppressing my anger, that puts me and others in danger. Alcohol does has it uses if you know how to use it. If you think that I deal with my problems with drinking then you are way off base. There are other complex and far more dangerous things that I do besides drinking. When I was younger that included skipping school in Amsterdam and taking a train to Paris without a word to anyone. Self harm that was more in line with what men would do as well as jumping from 4th floor balconies. I was 18 then. If I did drink then I would have some excuse for doing some of those things. In a way I'm not sure why I don't drink or have mindless sex the way people with trauma have? Especially since I had head trauma. As for what I would like to ask. I'm going to think about the best way to go about asking it. For now thank you for teaching me that loss does need to be tangible for it cause grief. Learning that grief has different stages has been helpful as well and am making progress. Like I said in the past, I got what I came for before I made the donations. I don't give a damn if I'm your intended audience or not. Useful is useful. Sincerely, Fat Cat." Well Fat Cat thanks for the donation and topic. There was more to your topic but that's all that I could salvage or makeout from the massive word salad you sent me. Your last video request I word vomit and verbal diarrhea in the title. TFM says that I use PC language and people pointed out that title was an awful attack on female nature. It was monetized and a couple of weeks later YouTube demonetized it because of the title. The worst requests are when people send me a topic where it takes me longer to rewrite their comments so they are coherent than if I just wrote my own. I found that part about you talking about my poking and probing hilarious? Is that a Freudian slip and what you actually want me to do? I guess we are both angry drunks. I get angry at myself for putting myself through the pain of of having a hangover. Luckily I don't get drunk and want to hit others. My subconscious is pissed off at my conscious mind for getting drunk that it's furious. You on the other hand sound like a maniac taking out your anger on others. Not good. You're like those soccer hooligans in England. My experience with most women getting drunk is that they get horny when in that state and meanwhile you become Fred Flintstone after Dino stole his dinner. You need to check your anger or the stress will kill you. That's regardless of if you drink or not.

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Sandman maybe spice her drink with fentanyl

   0    0
WMHarrison94 20 days ago

Fat cat likes it when Sandman probes her.... hmmm, is she looking for a new kitty litter box..?

   0    0
_Natas_ 20 days ago

A baseball bat.

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There are women who will have one of 1/2 a glass of wine with a meal, and then say, "I am fine thanks - that's plenty".

Then there are women who have several bottles, as the meal.

Automatically avoid the second, especially or more so, if she it doing prescription drugs through the day, she she can't get fired for being drunk, and she is into getting drunk at night.... so she can be sober and legally stoned in the morning...

   2    0
WMHarrison94 20 days ago

Ah. You forgot the potato juice alot of nurses self medicate on... Vodka, I like it, but I really like rum... Got to keep an eye for a hot, big tittied pirate babe... might be my kryptonite...

   0    0

@WMHarrison94: Yeah.... We all have choices... and the consequences for those choices....

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