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How To Be A Male Feminist - MGTOW

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Published on 19 Aug 2021 / In People & Blogs

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Hi Everyone Sandman Here,

This video is brought to you by a donation from Dr. B Real also known as Bob and this is my review of his third chapter from his volume book called Surviving 4th Wave Feminism. In the previous chapter Bob shared how he had spent a year in gender studies class as a foreign exchange student from Australia, studying in the United State in Los Angeles. We fast forward 16 years after Bob finished his gender studies he was still identifying as a feminist back in Australia. He had not fully recognized the fourth wave of feminism yet. He understood the hypocrisy of feminism and saw it as an attack on people from another another gender and color which he was a part of. In 2016 he attended the women's march in Australia because he believed in equality. He said the event that he wanted to support was disorganized, there was no audio equipment there to help people hear what was being said. So Bob decided to take some photos of the event and one woman freaked out at him believing he was a right wing spy. Suddenly he was surrounded by a group of obese women in their 40s taking photos of him trying to single him out and intimidate him. He should have done what I did. The first thing I figured out about trying to photograph a feminist event is to make sure you look like a male feminist. Dress really poorly in the most casual and tacky way and no one thought anything as I was filming and taking pictures at slut walk of all places. If you look unkept that helps too. But when I went to men's rights events I would dress my normal way. I even had a t-shirt on with a woman on it that said don't mess with a redhead. Obviously red because I understood they were Marxists and besides no one got a good picture of me. There was only one photo out there and they were criticizing the way I dressed not understanding that I was in disguise. This allowed me access to the whole event and no one questioned or harassed me. Could I try doing that again? Sure. I'd use a different camera and disguise. I guess Bob didn't realize that male feminists need to look a certain way instead of just thinking a certain way. I'll discuss more in just a moment but let me first tell everyone about today's sponsor The MGTOW's Guide To Retiring On 200K in Southeast Asia: Anyways, now back to the land whale bull dyke clown world show. When Bob was at the woman's march in Australia it was populated by mostly young overweight women under the age of 25 and he says they looked unbathed. That's about right and what I saw at slut walk too. But Bob was horrified with his experience and he didn't know what feminists were going to be like going in. In the last video he mentioned he was six foot three and athletic. That's not what a male feminist is supposed to look like. I don't know what he was wearing but that's not what a thirsty male feminist trying to sleep with obese demonstrators looks like. He probably didn't look unkept and tacky enough to avoid the harassment. If Bob had worn a shirt that said this is what a male feminist looks like with skirt that looked like it was a Scottish Kilt no one would have bothered him. The whole thing demoralized him and they kept attacking the newly elected Trump back then. Bob had also been to war and began wondering if any of the women and soy boys around him had ever been in a war zone or developing nation? He finally understood that his internal definition of feminism based on equality didn't match up with all the man hating he was getting. That 4th wave feminism wasn't about female empowerment but that everything was the fault of western men and that women were victims and they needed to be compensated for that. He mentioned that there was an unattractive woman that mentioned she was catcalled on the way to the march.

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os9k 9 days ago

nice one, so true about woman the miserable ones wants everyone as miserable as them.

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csehszlovakze 2 months ago

I think I saw that picture on 4chan...

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MAcohen 2 months ago

We need to accomplish MGTOW worldwide by any means necessary. According to the political compass I am a libertarian Right wing. Every girl I know that I told to take the test Was in the libertarian left side.

Regardless men should never cohabitate, or sign any contracts (marriage,home etc) with women unless their NDAs. If you have game, Pump and dump, Have fun then Run. If you make the choice to go monk do it.

Every man should be focusing on building long term assets using every loophole and law possible to pay little to no tax. Invest any of your resources to building artificial wombs or become an engineer and do it yourself.

Erotic AI and robots are also absolutely necessary. But for the time being their all just fantasy we can hope for in the future unless we GRAB the bull by its horns and make it our reality.

Every man should be voting, doesn’t matter if its rigged. Women make up the majority of the voter base and look at our government. If you have the skill to influence men and women. especially women. Run for leadership positions on the local, and state level in politics.

Use any tactic that benefits MGTOW in the LONG TERM. We all have the same Goal in mind. Independence for Men and true Freedom.

If you choose to have any children. Do it ideally through Surrogacy. If not, through adoption. If not,

You're forced into the worst position ever. The best advice I can give you is to move to another nation in the east or at the very least eastern europe to have children. Many underdeveloped parts of latin america as well.

If you end up in a long term relationship make sure they’re virgin so you have the highest chance at pair bonding.

Marriage will probably be forced on you eventually. No hymen, no Diamond. These days women are having erotic relationships as early as 9-10. Whatever age is up to your code of ethics and the laws of your government.

Sounds ridiculous until I tell you I just graduated high school. Back in 2012-14 women were losing their virginity at the start of middle school and one I knew from elementary.

Some did others didn’t. It’s different for everyone but it happens enough to mention it. I lost mine in high school at 14-15. Take a look for yourself at the culture and the comment sections.

Ask around. this is happening nationwide and worldwide but men older than me are still getting punished for this crap.

Do not be deceived into thinking they’re “children” or “babys” its just another mechanism of control for women. Women control the left and the puritanical right wing who groom our young men and force all men into being beta male providers and slaving away for repulsive fefails.

Everything you think you know about sex and relationships is probably wrong, and influenced heavily by Women. Particularly Puritanical Women. this topic is by far the most enflaming for both men and women.

We need to protect our loved ones from abuse, but that abuse can come from any age in our life. Abuse will always be abuse, Violence, rape, murder.

All these things are universally bad no matter what age you are. I mention all this so you have these things in perspective. Many women date older. some are similar age, others are younger.

What I don’t want is any more false accusations, corrupt judges imprisoning men and raping their assets taking 50% of what you own and 70% if you have a kid with the broad. The constant nagging of a femail until your heart gives out and your 6 feet under. and a society that forces us into silence. We can create a better future. We need to.

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NoFemVAL 2 months ago

No male feminist Taliban.

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NoFemVAL 2 months ago

Male feminists need their balls cut off and shoved down their throats.

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havok545 2 months ago

The most pathetic thing I keep seeing a LOT of is older women pushing little dogs in a baby carriages. They have no idea how stupid and retarded they look.

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havok545 2 months ago

It's actually called Critical Race Applied Principles = CRAP!

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El Hombre por su Cuenta

"How to be a male feminist"

It's very simple: Lose all your dignity, self-respect, and manhood, and you will be a good ally. They'll thank you for sure (sarcasm ON)

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