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How Scared & Aware Are Women Of MGTOW?

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Published on 29 Nov 2019 / In Film & Animation

How Scared & Aware Are Women Of MGTOW?

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How aware and scared are women of the red pill knowledge? I feel as if they are fully aware of what's up https://www.reddit.com/r/MGTOW..../comments/dz0ger/how

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Hi Everyone Sandman Here,

This video is brought to you by two re-occuring donor through paypal named Daniel and Thomas. Neither of them sent me a topic so I thought I'd cover an interesting post on Reddit that I've put in the description called: "How aware and
scared are women of the red pill knowledge? I feel as if they are fully aware of what's up" by someone named Engiraba. It's a great question and I thought I'd answer it. But before I do let me tell everyone about today's sponsor Welcome to Migtown: Anyways, now back to the video. Women know exactly what MGTOW is because whenever I've described it or told other men to go their own way and women heard about it their first instinct is to say you hate women. I think that evolutionarily they feel the fear of abandonment when one man says he won't date women they instantly project a scenario out in their minds where all men start to behave in a similar way and suddenly they don't have a man there to protect them from the big bad boogie man of nature which means certain death. Another reason I know that women know what it means is because someone in a recent video mentioned that he suggested to one of his co-workers that he stop dating and not get married and one of the women overheard and the whole office because like a hen house full of mother cluckers. The women assembled like Voltron made of used tampons to try and stop the guy that was suggesting to other men not to marry and even ratted him out to their boss to try and have him fired. If women didn't feel that perpetual bachelorhood wasn't a negative for them then why would they behave this way? They fear it so much that it compels them into action and they try to get white knights to protect them from the dangers of MGTOW. Yet another reason I know that women fear MGTOW is with regards to the calls by feminist professors to ban sex dolls and robots. They keep shutting down doll brothels all over the place and most of them have secret locations now where men have to pay for the service, thus giving up their identity and only then do they get the physical location messaged to them. Women are freaking out over a silicone doll while having the luxury to go home and cozy up to a silicone shaft that they keep next to their bed. If dolls and robots weren't a threat then why defend against them. There is no exploitation of women when men use such things. But there is certainly less exploitation of men by women when men have an outlet for men when they want to play their jizzophone.

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@ javaman64 1 year ago
I would suspect that not many women know about MIGTOW regardless of what some may think.

The cunts can smell MGTOW men a mile a way...

And these pieces of shit go into fucking psychosis over it too.

"Oh the mighty vagina is a stinking cess pit full of feminist shit?" = Not buying.


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mrghoster 1 year ago

Doesn't mater about getting speech banned, we Guy's have nothing to say to the fefail anymore.

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javaman64 2 years ago

I would suspect that not many women know about MIGTOW regardless of what some may think. This is no bad thing however because MIGOTW is not a movement, it's a lifestyle. Eventually women will figure it out and maybe some will "Woman Up" and become better women. Some have heard about it and as expected are attacking it on social media platforms such as Youboob. Thankfully MIGTOW is not a movement but a way of living and so this makes it much harder for women to fight against. Mark my words if MIGTOW somehow does become mainstream it will be attacked on every front possible. Already on Youboob it is gently and quietly being removed from that platform and is becoming harder to find. It blows my mind that many women say they don't need a man to live or be happy which then makes me wonder why women complain where have all the good men gone? Or why they seek us out at all if they don't like us. In short Men don't have to support women if they don't want to. They don't have to get married where they then get raked over by the courts in a divorce. There is NO benefit to a man these days to get married other than to be buried in debt that his wife continues to rack up unbated. Stay single boys and do what is good and right for you. What is the current divorce rate and what percentage of divorces are intiated by women? Last I heard was about 65 to 70% of divorces are started by women. Marriage is a business to women which is why the invest so much time and her future husbands money in it. It's like a man buying a shovel to dig his own grave and for what? Phussy!!

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Navigator_of_none 3 years ago

More like females are scared of being abandoned.

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WMHarrison94 1 month ago

They brought it upon themselves... When we tried to warn them, they shouted us down and tried to shame us with "patriarchy!" and "Stop mansplaining."

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Freeatlast 3 years ago

I hope women are scared to death with what MGTOW means. Because it really does mean that. F- them

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