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How Much Would You Save if You Didn’t Date? | Live From The Lair

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Published on 18 Jan 2023 / In Comedy

Millennials are going into debt for a crack at the poon. Popp does the math and shows you how much you can save if you invest in yourself.
#TerrencePopp #DiqkDiscount #DatingTruth

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Squeaker 15 days ago

I read someone made a GRETA sex doll and it is programmed when you have sex with it. It says how dare you.

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bin4ry_d3struct0r 15 days ago

Kids, just say no ... to dating single moms!

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Going out on dates and IF they cost - well coffee and a sandwich... in the town square full of people in broad day light.

Bring a thermos of coffee and 2 cups and a round of decent sandwiches on the first OR second date....

Buns, cold meat, cheese, tomatoes, pineapple rings, lettuce, hommus, onions, garlic, beetroot slices -- Mmmmmmm sounds good so far.

I don't know the prices in your part of the world - but what is that? $7 or $10 a head for a DECENT nutritional and filling lunch...

Or some sliced bread with ham / roast beef / chicken, cheese and tomato... and a bit of mayonaise...

That is like $2 or $3 a head... for a decent meal.

If she is grateful - and contributes - and makes an effort - this is good - be open to seconds.....

If she is an ingrate, selfish, and has nothing good to say and contribute - this is also good - by pass any further contact.

What you see - IS - what you get.

If it's good from the start - great - OR if it's shit from the start - move on.

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Makdiver201 16 days ago

Pre tax income after tax expense. Deduct the tax and it's a larger portion of your income to go out on dates.

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Why do "the brain dead" always think of dates as only going to $$$$$$$$ places that cost heaps... I only think in terms of DIY and BYO - and the pay per meal type events are when I am tired, hungry and travelling... Meal Times are Family Times - and making sandwiches together is a good thing... It also reveals a lot about their character, and life skills / intelligence / and can they cook...... Read my comment above.

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