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How Foreign Feminists Prey On Passport Bros


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Published on 08 Jul 2024 / In People & Blogs

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ephase 3 days ago

Alpha Male Lifestyle, as a black man myself, I learned a lot from this video, & I AGREE with everything about it, especially when it comes to women overseas. That's why I expect that female nature is WIDESPREAD! Thanks for this video, learned a lot from it.

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diesalfan 5 days ago

don't worry about it bro, divine justice is doing its thing on the Zionists.

"Is God an antisemite?"

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11mangogreentea 5 days ago

Ai papi!!! lol

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Age was irrelevant in patriarchal societies. You could have been a 50 year old patriarchal was some decent wealth, reputation, skills, you could just dowry down payment on a virgin white plebe girl 17 year old, and she was basically your property and servant. Her only choices were farm or factory work with low status plebes, prostitute, or wife (sword or rope if she is suspected of adultery or dishonoring you) and you select who your daughters marry and get paid dowry for the job of having daughters. Easy life. It's over for you matriarchy-cels, feminist-cels and puritanical-cels.

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Lucifer333 4 days ago

Thats proper state of nature..when rich you get multiple concubines... spread your apex genes

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MigTaoBrony 5 6 days ago

We are all a bunch of evil hairless monkeys. T -Popp

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