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How Feminism has DESTROYED Women Today

Published on 17 Nov 2022 / In Film & Animation

Feminism has destroyed Women. but are we MEN going to save women?............WELL! NOPE! lol! hgad they NOT sunk their teeth into us like a rabid dog thiong may have been possibly different. But when women got all the goodies and freebees they didn't ewven have to pay for (well not yet anyways)! they set about deriding and belittling MEN. They did this because they had nowhere else to go. Despite all they were giver they just could not rise above their natural destructive nature. Nope! theydeluded themselves into thinking they were something SPECIAL, but they really are not because if you look at what women do towards MEN it show's they CANNOT even rise to even the basic equality. You see Equality isn't about being better or the same as, Equakity is about accepting responsibility and know at times your place in lifeespecially with a MALE partner. It is women that are destroying humanity and our freedoms both for MEN and themselves, because women are complete SUCKER's for the false promises be that from a Male Cuck or the Elite's. Women are a soft touch even now for ANYONE including other women and believe me they are worse than MEN, to take advantage of them. NOPE! women cdan and WILL die alone because of their attitude and arrogance toward MEN. As for MEN? Well yes many of use are destined to die alone as well, but MEN die leaving a legacy of innovation and self betterment and honor. Women die alone with a few TikTok or Only Fan's Emortalized pic's of their once young bodies that THEY salivated over, it's on the internet FOREVER lady's your now CRUSTY droopy and dry body parts! lol! Women ARE finished, MEN will still have chances and achieve something.

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WMHarrison94 3 months ago

what? A postmodern postfeministic "humanity?" How much soy and copium is this guy smoking, the narrator I mean? Women need to realize their strength in nutruring....

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profhugodegaris 3 months ago

"snurfs" (= slim, nurturative, FIPs) (FIP = financially independent person, so as not to be a man slaving, divorce raping, fluffie, hated and avoided totally by masculists)

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