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How did they steer the Titanic? - Engineering History - Oceanliner Designs

Published on 14 Nov 2022 / In Film & Animation

The White Star Line ocean liner Titanic was the largest ship of its day; but just how do you turn a 50,000 ton behemoth in an error before computers and advanced electronics? In this episode we explore the technological innovations that made controlling the Titanic a breeze; from its giant rudder to the clever Brown's Telemotor.
History Engineering Documentary

The wonderful renders of inside Titanic's steering gear compartment are by Christopher Walker, whose site and other brilliants works can be found at rmstitanicdesigns.com or on Instagram at instagram.com/rmstitanic.design/

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Oceanliner Designs explores the design, construction, engineering and operation of history’s great ocean liners – from Titanic to Queen Mary but not forgetting the likes of Empress of Ireland or Chusan. Join Mike Brady as he uncovers the myths, explains the timelines, logistics and deep dives into the lives of the people and ocean liner ships that we all know and love.

0:00 Introduction
2:10 The Rudder
5:16 The Steering Engines
7:34 The Wheels
9:12 The Telemotor
11:43 Tiller Commands

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