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Homelessness /Exile Day 98 Approx. No Friends No Family No Help Still Trying to Remain Productive

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Published on 22 Jul 2021 / In People & Blogs

Filmed on 05/02/2020 AEDT

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The ups and downs of life.

It's better that you get on here and talk about what is really going on, instead of suffering in silence.

I will do what I can to support you.

Also stay busy some of the time... look for little things to be pleased about.

AND connect with OTHER men... Even a half hour phone call a day can make a huge difference.



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AbyssWatcher 3 months ago

... what happened that made you homeless?

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BornMGTOWHatedByAll 3 months ago

The things you're going through will not last forever and there are those that are praying for you. If you believe in God, as you have hinted at, trust in him and keep praying. Jesus will free you from your bad state.

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Francis_UD 3 months ago

Amen, much thanks, man, for watching and commenting. I'm no longer homeless, for now, just hiding from persecutions of women.

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