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Homeless guy spits some truth

Wassermann MGTOW 2
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Published on 27 Sep 2020 / In Non-profits & Activism

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theWarrior 2 months ago

Men learn through pain and failure. Women never learn! Best to this Brother -the Warrior

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nest006 2 months ago

All the best to this guy. His best move now is to get rid of social media altogether as it is just narcissists in a circle jerk.

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Fangs13 2 months ago

trying to make the "world a better place"
sorry man but it's impossible to turn "hell" into "heaven" this HELL is beyond redemption

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Doggk 2 months ago

I've seen that video a few months ago ! Beautiful.. That guy is real af ! Hopefully he got out of the streets, because he deserve it !!

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Wassermann MGTOW 2
Wassermann MGTOW 2 2 months ago

I really hope so.

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