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Holistic Homes - Greenhouse Build - The Final Four Episodes 1-4 (Earthship Inspired) Live&Timelapse

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Published on 20 Jul 2021 / In How-to & Style

Join us on our amazing adventure as we create the world's first Earthship inspired Holistic Homes-Greenhouse.

“You can not separate a tree from it roots, or it will die. So what happens when you separate all peoples from their roots…modern civilization."

Welcome to The Final Four Episodes, 1 of 4.
We don't know what day it is any more, but it doesn't really matter. :)
After 4 months we're back at and ready to finish off the Greenhouse just in time for spring.

After a few days of cleaning up and getting organized we're ready to finish the front roof, and install the flashings and metal roofing while we wait for the ground to thaw enough to install the rest of the cooling tubes, the cistern, and make the plumbing connections.

With everything installed it's time to give this beauty some more shape by grading the front of the building down to the water and creating the berm around the rest of her and tucking her into the earth.

This build and these buildings are about more than just the structure we’re creating, as they affect the structure of your whole life. Generations should not be separated into different buildings all day every day, they should be together, and these buildings offer that life style.

We hope you enjoy. :)

Visit https://www.talkingtrees.love for more information.
Find us on Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/Talkin....gTreesHolisticCommun

Talking Trees is Community Reimagined.
We hear people like Eckhart Tolle, Kyle Cease, Michael Reynolds, Subtle Infinity, and even JP Sears speak about moving towards smaller communities. They use terms like off-grid, sustainable, and eco, to describe these new spaces.

We call them Holistic Communities.

After 2020 there seems to be a huge push in the direction of sustainability and sovereignty on every level, from completely sustainable off-grid homes to food and land security.

We are awakening and evolving out loud and I AM so grateful that the Talking Trees Tribe has been creating a blueprint for such a community, a Holistic Community, Community Reimagined.

This Holistic Greenhouse build is just a glimpse into what we will be creating in Talking Trees Community, because when you reimagine community, you look at every aspect of it from a holistic perspective. You peer through the mire, beyond the matrix, and into the natural world.

The Vision​
Nestled among majestic trees, beautiful lakes and streams a community is forming where people are following their passions, inner talents, and co-operating instead of competing. Where everyone works together, pursuing their labor of love for the benefit of the entire community.

Holistic Homes and businesses generate their own electricity, potable water, contained sewage treatment and indoor food production as well as heating and cooling passively while building with natural and recycled materials. They also integrate with their surroundings, allowing the natural landscape to determine the layout of the community, while preserving its natural beauty.

In the first 3 years of creation we will be developing:
3 km of permeable natural roads
2 km of walking/riding trails
Community square
Community Center/dining hall
Visitor & residential parking area
Farmers market/store
Farm/garden (forest gardening/permaculture)
Barn with stables
Construction equip/repair facility
8 Holistic Homes
5 Holistic Home Rentals
5 Community Projects + Areas
3 Community Projects + Areas Funded By Community Projects
Community Gardens & Orchards
Wood shop
Metal shop
Academy housing/rentals
Support facilities
Trailers, Tiny Homes, Yurts, Tents, Camping, etc.
And So-So-sooooo Much More...

We look forward to creating truly Holistic Communities with you as we all share this journey together.

Thank you for your support.

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