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Hillary Clinton Gloats And Fundraises Off Donald Trump's Mar-a-Lago FBI Raid

Timcast IRL
Timcast IRL
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Published on 10 Aug 2022 / In News & Politics

Guest: Michael Seifert
@realmichaelseif (Twitter)

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HairlessMonkey 2 months ago

Oh well, a tramp's gotta tramp, a whore's gotta whore and a bitch gotta bitch. If they're stupid enough to give money to the devil let them. The way the economy is going it'll be harder and harder for the maroons to keep their money when the newly armed tax men comes a knocking to audit their buttocks for a few more bucks. I sure hope this is another "nothing burger" so we can watch the left freak out again.

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sardonicsmile 2 months ago

the females had absolutely NO contribution to the dialogue.

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