High Value Target Part 2 - Mgtow

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Published on 02 Sep 2021 / In People & Blogs

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nest006 5 months ago

Wow - "if I don't like it, it's not true". Profound, and the way I see these idiots enforce their dogma.

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InfiniteMushroom 5 months ago

@ 3:13 .It tells me that high-value men need to have a paid assassin on retainer for the day when their evil wives start acting up. "I'm not happy" and "We need to talk" is the preamble for divorce.

Case in point, Prince Charles had MI5 get rid of Princess Diana. But Prince Harry, OTOH, wasn't as savvy. He's no longer with the royal family and now he's stuck with that gold-digging mulatto, Meghan.

Harry went slumming for kicks and now he's a slave. Since he lost his former prestige, you KNOW that Meghan has already planned her divorce after their 10th anniversary and Harry doesn't have MI6 to call on.

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Johnny_Cage 3 months ago

Now I see the objective basis of your dislike of mulatto and mixed race people. You never really know their loyalty, and their whole identity crisis renders them unstable and self-hating and self-destructive. Even the ones that grew up in a perfect loving environment, I've seen become backstabbing and erratic.

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InfiniteMushroom 3 months ago

@Johnny_Cage: I've been informed by the likes of Jonathan Pollard (Israeli spy who got caught) and Harold Wallace Rosenthal (aide to Senator Jacob Javits) and countless other comments by rabbis and high level Jews. They've said, point blank, to never give Jews any level of security clearance as a Jew's first loyalty is to Israel and then to their fellow Jews. . The hard push for mongrelizing the West is to destroy consensus and create people who have divided loyalties or no loyalty at all. The latter because they were begotten of Jewish social-engineering and not from organic social order that helped people find their own kind and have normal nuclear families. That Prince Harry had such a weak racial and national identity within him shows how deep the rot goes in the U.K's ruling elite. Lance that boil, drain the pus of liberalism and civic nationalism (false nationalism), and you'll find JEWS deep inside; feeding the infection.

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KEEPER 5 months ago

I could give a fuck about bill gates.

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BIGLOAD 5 months ago

Vile, contemptuous meatsacks.

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