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Published on 16 Nov 2022 / In Comedy

⁣Focusing on your career sounds great… until it’s too late. Then 40 to 80 is a long time.
#TerrencePopp #JenniferAniston #BiologicalClock

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TheLibertarianRebel 1 year ago

10-4 Popp. There were in my small town, maybe 7 messed up kids. Their Moms gave birth to them at an advanced age (over 40).

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Jennifer Anniston.... Oh comedic genius that - reading from a script and being "funny".
Pause, canned Laughter, co stars grimmace = excellent ratings from the stupid and gulliable buying all the shit in the adds.

I saw a few episodes of that shit show she was in... over like 5 years... Probably 2 whole episodes and scraps based upon bad luck.

It's "geriatric pregnancy" Terrence..... Geriatric.
They - their genitals, their remaining eggs, etc., and their abilities to carry and deliver a baby - it all starts tanking...

Women are a bit like specialist NASCAR engines, in a racing season......

Doing 500 miles at well over 200 MPH, well that is like a woman, her cunt and her eggs....
She only gets ONE good race out of her set up.

No one gets to run two races on the same engine, tyres and brakes...

No woman can run a whole season on the same set up....

One Good Hard Running Race on your Breeding Gear - and that is it.

After that - the show is over.

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