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Here Comes President Kamala Harris? - MGTOW

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Published on 16 Nov 2020 / In People & Blogs

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Hi Everyone Sandman Here,

This video isn't brought to you by a donation because well I didn't get one. More importantly something I really want to talk about about the election in the US. In the last few weeks leading up to it YouTube cut my traffic down. So I was not reaching any new viewers and even more importantly while many of you can't see it I was slowly bleeding subscribers. But I see that as nothing compared to what I just read on the Harris Biden website. If Trump doesn't pull a rabbit out of his hat then expect this channel to be gone from YouTube in six months of him taking office. I'm pesimistic because here's what I found and I quote: "President Harris, sorry President Biden will establish a new task force on online harrassment and abuse to focus on the connection between mass shootings, online harrassment, extremism, and violence against women. As President, Joe Biden will convene a national Task Force with federal agents, state leaders, advocates, law enforcement, and technology experts to study rampant online sexual harrassment, stalking, and threats, including revenge porn and deepfakes - and the connection between this harrassment, mass shootings, extremism and violence against women. The Task Force will be in charged with developing cutting-edge strategies and recommendations for how federal and state governments, social media companies, schools, and other public and private entities can tackle this unique problem." unquote. This of course is code language for the state going after MGTOW, incel, the mra and anything that ADL has already labelled as extremism. Their strategy will be to ban us from private social media platforms and take away men's right to be as outspoken, even if offensive as they want even though the constitution protects speech that would be deemed hateful. They are going to try and stop the emotion of hate itself. It won't work be get ready for them to try. Before I discuss more let me first tell everyone about today's sponsor Lindsay Transmission: Anyways now back to the clown world show. When I read that part of the state discussing federal agents in the United States trying to stop extremism and hate it makes me think that things are going to escalate. Staying anonymous will be important but governments can get my private information from Google if they want it. Even if I get kicked off of YouTube I could continue to make content on Bitchute but what happens if I face arrests speaking out about female nature? I suspect that they will try and connect the mass shootings out there with men going their own way philosophy and the incel movement and try to shut ideas about female nature down using the excuse of protecting women. What happens when Kamala becomes president. Sleep Joe says he's going to do one term and odds are he won't finish it. I get the sneaky suspicion that Biden is just a place holder for Kamala Harris. It's the only way to shoehorn a woman into the white house without having her win an election. He's already in cognitive decline and who knows what's going to happen in a few years. Kamala already has a track record where she prevented evidence from saving a guilty man in prison. What does that say about her moral character and how disposably she might see men? Trump didn't do anything to stop social media censorship and odds are he'll be thrown off of Twitter at some point when he leaves office. Sooner or later.
Regardless of it it's in four years or shortly. As I was saying the only solution will be to create alternatives to big tech social media.

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sauger1001 2 months ago

TFM's tactics may come in handy, as far as his "gender" is concerned.

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Gray Rock Snake
Gray Rock Snake 2 months ago


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Abyss 2 months ago

Americans scream anyone who loves freedom is a traitor, but maybe the real traitors are the Americans who love tyranny.

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TheWealthy1 2 months ago

Ah yeah...time to go full troll mode. Dicks out in public and down with the patriarchy! Might as well run society into the ground at this point.

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Trevor 2 months ago

She blew her way to the top.

   3    0

heels up harris

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Pale_Profit 2 months ago

To my American brothers, RUN!!!!!

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SEE them TURN 2 months ago

Ipfs is web 2.0 and ddos proof

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pirania 2 months ago

Never give up ! Never give up ! Never give up ! - Winston Churchill

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sorearm 2 months ago

She is just a fucking horror

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MortRigo 2 months ago

Kamala = horrible in my language. Just saying.

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Wolf_joseph 2 months ago

If this happens, a majority of community who fear this will hurt them will just go underground.

All community out in the open will be a metaphorical trap where you walk in and the door behind you locks and all gun aim at you. ( Dr.Phill inviting sandman to a interview)

Be prepared to vote with you wallets and your feet when the time comes because even if trump magically get back in office, the leftist commies will still do this.
Hell, they are on twitter talking about inflating communities and taking it over so if you dont get the hint well good luck.

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MasterRichard 2 months ago

Which country is going to accept the Political Refugees from America ?

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lyhyemmat 2 months ago

Come to Brazil. You're most welcome. https://establishbrazil.com/faq/investor-visa

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anonmachina 2 months ago

@Metal_X: hmm...never heard of most of those you listed. I'll have a look. Not that it would matter much to me (I am ever-near end-of-shelf-life). Nonetheless, curiosity compells me.

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One_Ronin 2 months ago

A new platform is out there gents, here is a link to some current info. https://www.google.com/search?....q=parler&rlz=1C1

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parler is a honeypot designed to doxx non-SJW's

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MasterRichard 2 months ago

You are scared ... ? ( of loosing your income, btdt)
I have a solution, that would be a 'blood-less' fix.
... I have been on the 'hit-list' since 2006 (when an Old White Male attained a B.S. in STEM field, I have attained a 2nd B.S. and a M.S. all in STEM since then).
... By the 'very old playbook' they are using ... I expect a knock on My door ... Jan. 21 2021.

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One_Ronin 2 months ago

Many of us Learned more about the nature of women, society and the redpill online then anywhere else, we did know something was up tho. Many of us likely wish we knew then what we know now thanks to online education. Now that the genie is out of the bottle it cannot be put back in no matter how hard soyciety complains.

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charliebrownau 2 months ago

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MGTOWdotCASH 2 months ago

Twitter >> memo.cash

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charliebrownau 2 months ago

- Left or Right
- Trump or Biden
- Harris or Biden

We still have the same
- Global Zionist Control,
- Same Central banking cartel,
- same Agenda 21, same UN,
- same Anti White, same Anti Nationalism,
- Same corrup system

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anonmachina 2 months ago

I am contemplating responding to, 'Good Morning!', 'God Bless You!', 'Hello!', and other such pleasantries with a simpler, uniform, nuanced, 'Guten Tag', with my head cocked to one side. Just because. Perhaps I have a death wish. Joking. It's....it's...the Patrick Bateman in me, desiring to get out and 'play'.

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anonmachina 2 months ago

@Metal_X: Ugh. Must I repeat myself? THERE IS NO, 'WE'. (And, yes, I am simply joking with you and concurrently clarifying the unfortunate but obvious observation).

   1    0
anonmachina 2 months ago

@Metal_X: Oh, no. Dude, I'm not into d*ck pics. lol.

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anonmachina 2 months ago

@Metal_X: I am almost a luddite. Tech has left my consciousness.

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anonmachina 2 months ago

@Metal_X: I do not see how I can DM. Hence, luddite. Modding a car and writing for the padt several yeats has been my forte. Non-Lethal DEFENSIVE hardware may be my next focus. I stress, NON-LETHAL..in the same manner the DEMOcommies stress, 'no fraud election'.

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anonmachina 2 months ago

@Metal_X: No message dm'd. Must be a site error.

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