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Help! I Have A Female Boss - MGTOW

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Published on 29 Jun 2022 / In People & Blogs

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Hi Everyone Sandman Here,

This video is brought to you by a donation from Steve and here's what he has to say: "So I feel that google has provided all employment sites with our IP addresses of those whom watch mgtow videos. Last summer I worked at Autozone. Using Indeed, Monster and the Autozone sites, both my phone and my computer would let me fill out an application. But the store manager never received my application. I go into the store and use their computer, he gets the application, but HR has it flagged as a high risk hire. I have never been arrested or charged with a crime. I also have good credit. The manager called the district male manager to bypass the hr directive. I get hired by sneaking around. When I was in DC I could not use apartment finder applications or other sites. So phase 2 of my life will be to create a site to teach our brothers how to run their own businesses. Thoughts on Google being hr nazis?" Well Steven thanks for the donation and topic. Google sells your information with third parties. That includes your search results. So it wouldn't surprise me if job sites like monster flagged your search results as dangerous and labelled you as a high risk hire. The thing is we don't know exactly what goes on behind the scenes and we'll never know. If you're going to use Google search and other services like Gmail be aware everything you share can be used against you later. That's why I've been using the Brave Browser. But for me it doesn't really matter because I haven't needed to apply for jobs in over ten years. The direction you're heading in is the right one with regards to getting men to run their own small businesses. That way you have way more pricing power in these times of inflation and your earnings potential is much higher in many cases. Besides most hr hiring managers in many corporations these days hire men to abuse them or they completely ignore you. I used to make video tutorials for a man that would help executives get hired and he told me that the majority of corporations have automated bots and software that scan the resumes before they are ever seen by human eyes. If the resume isn't formatted in a very specific way. So that store manager you spoke with that never received your resume didn't get it because it was filtered out before it got to him. Even if it gets past the bot then it's got to get past a woman that's usually the HR manager. To think that computers and cooches have control over over the hiring in corporations should be enough to piss off any man. Even if you're lucky to be hired you might get a female boss that abuses you. Or female co-workers that you have to fear for false allegations. No wonder men are either starting their own businesses or going into the trades where most of the time their bosses are men. No man wants to work under the thumb of a tyrant with titties. I'll discuss more about how you can deal with female bosses and clients if you have a small business in just a moment but let me first tell everyone about today's sponsor T Fitz:

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El Hombre por su Cuenta

There is nothing worse than having bosses. Whatever gender they are...

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csehszlovakze 1 month ago

sorry Sandman but your donor is probably right: https://odysee.com/@RobBraxmanTech:6/twitter-2fa:d

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zdoctor 1 month ago

any of my bosses i ever had that were whaman were self centered, toxic and hard to deal with whaman. my suggestion is to avoid them in any shape or form. i wish i could say otherwise but so far my experience was not very good. avoid any interaction with whaman if possibe,,,,its not worth the aggravation. CROP THE MIC AND WALK OFF THE STAGE!!!!!! you will have your sanity in the long run.

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