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Terrence Popp
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Published on 23 Apr 2021 / In News & Politics

⁣With special guest from the Honey Badgers: Lauren Literally!
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fishandchicks 17 days ago

The Hegelian Dialectic
- problem, reaction, solution
I think we can agree that the Kung-Flu Hoax was a deliberate diversion to control the narrative of a predetermined global deflationary event. (The Great Reset)

Which had everything to do with a collapsing global fiat system, and if left to
decompose naturally, whole governments around the world would have been toppled.

This is a False Flag providing cover for the collapse of the global fiat system.
Yes, the virus is real (the annual flu) with a 99% survival rate. BUT yet the ill-informed are submitting to an experimental injection, multi-national organizations leading lambs to the slaughter… Those same multi-nationals that own the media & our politicians coordinate the message to over hype the reality of its effects; it is no more than a ploy… PLEASE open your eyes!!!

This is a simple fear porn story being played out for the public's benefit...

What they don't know will not hurt them, so let them bicker amongst themselves while
the plantation masters build an even more impressive jail to keep and train the

I am pretty sure this was the plan from the beginning... fiat has only ever run
for 45 years, and we are at the end of this ride...


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InfiniteMushroom 16 days ago

What's even more troubling is how gullible the SHEEPLE are. It isn't like this is a brand new psy-op. It isn't like we haven't see this stunt done in the past. I was in high school in the mid-70's and remember the Swine Flu hoax (I also remember how the (((media))) destroyed Nixon but, that's for another comment). THAT was a first and, fortunately, there were enough critics with real knowledge to debunk the Swine Flu gimmick. That was back when media ownership was FAR more diversified and freer to speak than now. I'd say the explosion of disinformation, outright lies, and blatant Jew propaganda started during the Clinton era. However, it has gone up exponentially YET...., yet, I am seeing TOTAL and widespread submission to the lock-downs and mask mandates. There should be mask burnings and mass fights with cops over these lockdowns. We allow (((BLM))) and Anti-fa to run wild (both openly sponsored by Jew NGO's) but, no street fights (and bombing of cop cars) to tell (((TPTB))) we're not going to be put under house arrest for the sake of a Jew-engineered PLAN-demic.

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InfiniteMushroom 17 days ago

Already watched it on BitChute. Having a woman around made the show kinda flat.

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eldrazi317 17 days ago

She seemed a bit fake to me. Plus virtue signaling.

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HanLockhart 16 days ago

The woman ruined it. Couldn't listen longer than 5 minutes.

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