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Heauxs go to Rage School to fight the PATRIARCY!!

Published on 24 May 2024 / In Entertainment

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sauger1001 20 days ago

Imagine if Trump gets reelected (even if he's incarcerated by the demoncrooks). These waaahmen will be begging for the bear to end them as a tasty meal. SMH.

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Heauxs go to Rage School to fight the PATRIARCY

And break sticks........

I thought the one in the black long split dress, with the long hair, was nice.... when I saw the initial TV type show on these idiots....

But I only saw her side on and didn't see her face..

She didn't say anything either.

BUT in the other videos, when you get to see her face - with fake cunt blood on it, and then her as the "team leader" of all this shit, and HER talking all this IDIOT feminist crap - Fucking FORGET IT.

She is fucked in the head.

Truly an malcontent, an idiot and an ingrate.......

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