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He Wants To Leave Her, But Fears Being #Metooed - What To Do?

The Realist Philosopher
Published on 03 Dec 2020 / In Entertainment

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Freeatlast 2 months ago

You hit the jackpot with a psycho. Sounds like a BPD bitch. I was in a serious relationship with a woman that was like this my younger years. We went to a counselor to work on our relationship. After a few times there, the counselor pulled me aside and told me to get out of this relationship and to get all my stuff out while she was gone. So I am not making this up and spewing BS.

Make a total escape plan. Get your mail address changed, any and all communication and bank account passwords changed. When she is gone, get ALL your crap moved out and into a safe space. Anything you leave will be destroyed or claimed by her.

Then you leave with all your stuff while she is gone. If it is possible to send an email via a library computer. Or set up a temporary email and send her a message that you are gone and it is over. This woman will destroy all your stuff and you if she can get a hold of it. She is dangerous. Never communicate with her on anything ever.

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Hammerhead69 2 months ago

1itis seems to hang these idiots who are afraid they'll never get laid again. She puts hand in your face or shit talks just walk away, best revenge is being free and tapping other women. Be happy and avoid bad relationships.

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