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He Married A Feminist! Help! - MGTOW

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Published on 29 Aug 2020 / In People & Blogs

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Hi Everyone Sandman Here,

This video is brought to you by a donation from Scott and heres's what he has to say: "Dear Sandman, So, here is my request. By the way, I am retired, and quite happy, but I really wish that I had listen to your material when I was a teenager. It would’ve saved me a great deal of grief! The issue is with my son, who is in his mid-30s, and quite successful. He is an excellent father to his two young children, adores them, and they adore him. The problem is his wife. I think she probably married him because time was running out for her, and she wanted children. I think I see this problem in a lot of couples, where in the wife is much less financially successful than a husband, and feels threatened if the husband tries to assert authority over how the kids are raised, rewarded, or punished. My son is a gentle man, kind, and incredibly intelligent and accomplished. However, if he deviates from how his wife thinks that the children should be raised, she becomes sharp and bitchy with him, and he does not stand up to her. Had I known things were going to turn out this way, I would have advised him not to marry her, and also to take some assertiveness training, even though he seems to be plenty assertive at work. But, things are as they are, and a divorce would not only financially destroy him, but destroy him emotionally by taking his children away from him. In other ways, his wife is perfectly fine, and even supportive. But, as you have said many times, once a man puts a ring on it, the woman holds all the cards. Now, I am not about to offer advice unless I am asked, especially about a marriage. But, I may be asked. Given that things are as they are, and I suspect that this is a common problem among men who have gotten married, what would you advise?" Well Scott thanks for the donation and topic. You are wise to not red pill your son while he's married because if he learns the truth by taking his love goggles off it could ruin his life. I'll get to more of my thoughts about his situation being married to a feminist in a just a moment. But let me first tell everyone about today's sponsor The Brave Browser: Anyways, now back to the lost in clown world show. First of all I doubt he's ever going to come to you seeking help with his relationship. He loves his children and probably loves her too even though she gives him tough love and has that sword of Damocles of divorce dangling over his head. To be honest I don't know what I'd do if I were in your shoes. You have to watch him suffer through this situation and if you say something you will watch him suffer through an even worse situation. Assertiveness isn't the issue for most men when it comes to women. It's about learning how not to fall and stay in love with a woman. Romantic love is the issue because it turns us into simps instead of stallions. He made his choice with the best available information at the time he got married. If you knew what you know now then he would have had different information. What would be intersting is if he has male children or a male child to plant some red pills in their heads while they are still wetting the metaphorical bed so that they don't end up like your son. You've already admitted it that your son is trapped and there's no way out. But that doesn't mean there can't be an escape route for the next generation.

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ExperimentalGroup 2 months ago

If you buy a shark and put it in your pool and it eats you when you go swimming, you can’t fault the shark. You knew what it was, and so did he. Some mistakes are a little more difficult to erase than others.
Feminists, as a whole, are the most boisterous and disagreeable women to ever darken this earth. Why would anyone choose a feminist? It they are all feminists, just beat off.
Problem solved, and cheaply.

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NoFemVAL 2 months ago

There is a lot of desert outside of Las Vegas, she could disappear permanently.

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UnwillingVillian 2 months ago

I'm just going to cite your comment as a very good example of why not to get married in the first place.

   2    0
Shadow Monk
Shadow Monk 2 months ago

Thank goodness I’ve been Monk Mode, Cause winding up with a feminist is such a terrible cesspool, And I think another troll is going around flagging people with dislikes lmfao, There’s no shortage of them simptard-trolls.

   3    0
Shadow Monk
Shadow Monk 2 months ago

And most of them infiltrator PUA Simptards have the audacity to dislike but don’t have the balls or overies to reply @TonyLeo3007 with he or she is definitely apart of Pictionary’s Anti-MGTOW Syndicate.

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Freeatlast 2 months ago

AWALT now. Doesn’t matter if they are even a “traditional“ woman. They all know how the game is now.
All men that marry will be dealing with the same stuff that this guy’s son is dealing with.
The juice is not worth the squeeze.

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Shadow Monk
Shadow Monk 2 months ago

Ohh no!

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