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Hammerhand Reloaded : Ghosting MGTOW's past.....

Published on 22 Jan 2023 / In Entertainment

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Squeaker 12 days ago

Wish i had the names of some of these guy in the beginning. Like tom leykis he has a website but its about the money nothing is free and the man is worth a lot how I learned in college my ex hated me listening to him in the car. But he was right. Men remember quotes and sayings for good logic. How i find older yt channels still up by people posting a specific video one man put one up 4 yrs ago crayon written for tresspassing neighbor. It is not just for words to help men but if and when they do have a family or sons of their own it is to teach the generation for the future of man kind. In the pyramid south of the great pyramid is one for the workers on the walls gives words written by the workers. Treatment and their history down to their marriage for one case one mans friend who married the man in charge who set the mail blocks. Assholes are always remembered look at the sgt in the roman army his own men killed him. Or the irish princess who slept with her generals who won a war for her. Or the persian king who did not execute his wife for cheating on her wasting 70000 men to get her back. Women through history are nothing but a powerful tool and sun tzu killed his most beautiful .... to prove a point to keep the rest of the women in line.

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ancientredpill 13 days ago

Wow the opening of this video reminded me of the old days of you in the truck backed into the loading doc and doing your VLOG, I miss those days.

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GenerationLESS 13 days ago

There's nothing wrong with going back to listen to the earlier content creators. There is golden advice to be found. But we do need the current recent creators because MGTOW has to progress to keep up as things change. Me, a Scorpio as well, one of our traits is we don't really believe in that stuff! LOL. That said, a great quote from Patrick Henry: "For my part, whatever anguish of spirit it may cost, I am willing to know the whole truth; to know the worst, and to deal with it."

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