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Hammerhand is live on Thu May 16 23:20 UTC 2024

Published on 16 May 2024 / In Other

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Blue Helmet Collector
Blue Helmet Collector 1 month ago

Hammer exposing her 2 years ago:

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ConorMcDougal 1 month ago

Was really saddened when I heard that Boy scouts of America was infiltrated by girls. As a former Scoutmaster I turned my back on Scouts in which ever country I resided. Boys can't be boys when girls are in the picture.

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Shrike777 1 month ago

Fuck rumble.
Backed by a bunch of libtard small hats.
Controlled "opposition".

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RodsterPiper 1 month ago

Gonna go watch bitchute hammer vid Night/Day all.

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Hammerhand 1 month ago

Thank you Gents, enjoy the tracks.

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