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Gym Thot BANNED For Being Entitled Brat & The Backlash Is EPIC From Joey Swoll

Published on 20 Feb 2024 / In Entertainment

This news is totally insane

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usr6874038614 2 months ago

This is long overdue : the camera thing at the gym should have been banned a long time ago.
To answer the question why gymthots are even a thing : because of the life elixir of every female : attention.
What they do forget every time is that media companies have recording studios for a reason : a controlled environment. Don't like others walking in your frame? Record in your home gym or come when no one is around.
God, the lack of logical thinking in these people is so entertaining , like watching funny kids videos (munches more popcorn...).
Also, just more proof these "adults" need a man to keep their life going in the right direction.

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deathdealer 2 months ago

These feminazis should be banned from all gyms, if it is a place for them just to get attention by accusing others of "offending" their view, narcissistic, of how life should be. These entitled, petty tyrants should be shunned from all of society until they learn to live and let live.

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SteveOUK 2 months ago

Woman goes to a gym with a specific and publicly acknowledged policy, COMPLAINS about the policy to get herself clicks and likes, then acts offended that The Accountability Fairy shows up.

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