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Gym eGirl LIES About Man & Instantly Regrets It

Published on 01 Mar 2024 / In Entertainment

This news is totally insane

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usr6874038614 2 months ago

She did not get enough attention, and tried to force it in the cheapest way possible. She got a great backfire.
Last clip : keep your genitals hidden please, like all other normal people.

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Mr_Sluggo 2 months ago

Fuck that...BAN ALL SMART PHONES!!!!

The Whores will go away instantly.

On second thought...SEGREGATE ALL GYMS BY SEX.

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red maple
red maple 2 months ago

Female gyms called kitchens

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Who knows what the fuck he was doing with his phone for like 2 seconds.....

She is pretty fucking ghastly in the first place....

Both in the looks dept and character wise as well....

And he did not

a) Hold his camera up vertically,
b) Point it directly at her,
c) Give the camera a second or two to get her in focus,
d) And then take the picture,
e) Then look at the picture,
f) And then put the phone down / away etc.

It looks like he has just picked up his phone and swiped on something and then put it back down....

AND she comes across as a retarded cunt - no make that an ugly retarded feminist cunt.

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