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Guys, Women DO NOT CARE

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Published on 29 Jul 2020 / In Other

As i witness the abysmal quality of some mgtow content.(on Youtube mostly) I must adddress this misconception that often is spread around. from my personal opinion. A lot of these guys should give it up and become MRAs. Because that is where they fucking belong.

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tyronwind 9 days ago

Generally, I agree. Most importantly, if you are "going your own way" to get some sort of revenge, then you're still seeking external validation and therefore can't self actualize. In order to live a fulfilling life as a MGTOW you must first internalize your purpose and be your own hero and worst critic. As Jordan Peterson would put it: Choose your dragons to slay (this isn't a exact quote). If you can't choose what you like to do and is still living in some way or another based on what other people think, you're not going "your own way" because someone else is steering the boat.

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AbyssWatcher 14 days ago

but it has and will continue to change the world. Your vision is narrow minded. Here are a few ways mgtow has drastically changed things...Wedding industry is dead, Housing market crisis, Diamond market crashing, Industries that sell baby clothes and toys are dying, suvs and minivan sales have dropped drastically, plenty of women can't find a husband who is wealthy, men enmasse aren't taking women to expensive restaurants anymore. These are just a few ways mgtow have drastically altered things in the society. Also, if women do not care, why is it that male mgtow content providers have been banned from youtube and twatter?? Like I said earlier...your vision is narrow minded

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DutchCobbler 14 days ago

In a way this makes me think of doing a good deed. When someone does a good deed, or a favor, declaring it to people misses the point. Another way to look at it is that as hero tends not to self-proclaim heroics.

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Abandoned Path
Abandoned Path 14 days ago

I can certainly appreciate the Blinded Right Eye symbolism in your Avatar.

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